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7 Days :: 1 :: and other stories

I was up before dawn this morning. Quite a few hours before. I finally got my butt into bed by 11:30pm yesterday with my alarm set for 2:30am today to catch my 5:50am flight.

I’d asked Bethany if she wanted me to bring her anything Canadian. She asked me to bring a Tim Horton’s. (Yes, I know it technically doesn’t have an apostrophe BUT IT SHOULD.) I countered with an offer of coffee or donuts.

7 Days :: 1 :: bringing Canada to California

This was my 7 Days photo for today. If you’re a 7-Dayer, get your butt to a mirror or a shiny place! If you’re not a 7-Dayer, it’s a Flickr group that, four times a year, takes self-portraits for seven straight days. Spring, summer, fall, winter. It’s really quite fun, and I’ve made some great friends through this group.

Thankfully the Tim’s in the airport opens at 4:30am, and I grabbed a box before heading through security.

I had visions of my flight being delayed or cancelled, like Noah’s was when he went to Phoenix earlier this year. I was also afraid that my carry-on was too big, but I didn’t want to check any bags because I didn’t want to LOSE any bags. And I found myself googling things like “Can I take donuts past security?” and “Donuts and US customs”.


I was also a bit concerned that the security guys might find my portable charger a bit suspicious-looking. I made sure to place it out in the open to prevent my bag from being searched. (My bag still got searched.)

Everything went smoothly and none of my fears came true (besides the bag search, which really wasn’t so bad). Until the stewardess started talking about wing balance and crashing. UM. I DO NOT LIKE FLYING. PLEASE DO NOT TALK LIKE THAT.


There was supposed to be wifi on the flight, but it did not work. So, what is an internet addict to do without internet access? She plays with the apps she downloaded long ago but has barely touched. Like KitCam and A Beautiful Mess.

And did I mention I had a seat all to myself? Because there were empty seats and we needed to do that seat-balancing thing? Yea. That was awesome. Until the person ahead of me put her seat back, making me super claustrophobic.

Untitled Untitled

Oh, and I used an airplane bathroom for the first time ever. I probably won’t do that again. It was part terrifying, part disgusting.

I’m in Minneapolis now, waiting for my flight to San Diego to board. I just ate a not-so-great $9 sandwich that gave me heartburn, but my next flight is on time and I can’t wait to get to the land of sun.

When I went through security here (and got a full-body scan, pat-down, and both bags checked), one of the guard guys saw my box of Timbits and asked me, “What are Timbits?”


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  • Ashley S Saturday, June 22, 2013, 12:28 pm

    Security dudes are one of the 732 reasons I don’t like to fly. The whole up in the air, moving vehicles making me want to barf plays in to that too, I guess.

    Glad it’s going well and Bethany is SO lucky you’re taking those Timbits they would have been consumed already by most.

    • jen Saturday, June 22, 2013, 10:58 pm

      Oh, I do not like flying, either. Not a bit. Though I do like airports.

      And I was DETERMINED to not let a single Timbit get eaten!

  • Angella Sunday, June 23, 2013, 2:51 pm

    I don’t like Timbits — or donuts — but I love that you brought some for Bethany. Hug her for me!

    • jen Monday, June 24, 2013, 3:34 pm

      I worked at Tim’s for a few years and couldn’t eat them for a while. Now? Hand over a (few) Boston Cream(s), please!