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7 days :: 4 {me and my girl}

7 days :: 4 {me and my girl}

My girl and me. Another shot in the van. I let Kaylie sit in the front seat for our super-short trip from the pharmacy (Preston’s got an ear infection) to work. She came and helped me for a bit, even though it was way past her bedtime. Her last day of school is tomorrow and all they’re going to do is party and watch movies, so I’m not too concerned with a late night.


Today was full. The babies, Liliana and I went to the splash park this morning with her pre-K class. About an hour into it, Preston did a face-plant and developed the most enormous goose-egg. It swelled up extremely fast and it looked so horrid that I got a bit queezy. I left Liliana at the park with one of the other moms and took the babies with me to the clinic to get Preston checked out. After seeing a doctor and getting a skull x-ray, everything looked fine with Preston’s head, but he has an ear infection, which the doctor thinks attributed to his off-balance head-bang on the pavement. He’s all good now, but I’m supposed to wake him every two hours tonight to make sure that he’s just sleeping and not unconscious. (I’m sure he’s totally okay, but I’m all for being cautious with a 14-month-old with a possible head injury.)

We were supposed to go to the in-laws’ place for dinner this evening to celebrate Sue’s birthday, but we had an incredible storm that developed golf-ball-sized hail and tornadoes in neighboring towns. (Check out these clouds.) The power went out at their place but not ours, so we had dinner here. Darrell and Jess also came and we had a splendid time. It was actually quite convenient having dinner here, as I was able to put Preston to bed in his own bed and not have to worry about leaving early so he could be in bed on time (ish). And also, how great is it for people to come for dinner, bring dinner with them, and leave the left-overs?

I was going to hold off going to work tonight, but tomorrow night Kesler is sleeping over, and I’m not about to leave Noah with four kids. It just wouldn’t be very nice. So, Kaylie and I took off for about an hour, did the things that needed to be done, and came home in time to wake Preston for his first two-hour wake-up interval.

Noah is already snoring away on the other couch, and I’m thinking that going to bed before midnight might be in order. Look at me living all responsible-like. Here’s hoping the storming is over so that I can stay in bed instead of channeling my inner 10-year-old and running excitedly to the window to watch the storm. What? Storms are neat!

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  • Jess Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 10:47 pm

    I can’t believe you went to work yet tonight! But it was a fantastic evening, let’s do it again sometime! <3

  • Janna Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 12:48 am

    Um, just remember if the storm is REALLY bad to head for the basement, not the window… I may be a Terracite now, but I’m a transplanted prairie girl, and I’ve seen prairie storms!

  • Kami Wednesday, June 27, 2012, 9:13 am

    I love storms too though I wasn’t too stoked about the funnel cloud I was driving towards on the way home last night! Glad Preston is okay and hope your night went well.

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