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7 Days :: Day Two :: {inside}

7 Days :: Two :: {inside}

You know how I said that I wanted to take all this week’s photos with my real camera, not my iPhone camera? Well, my computer had other plans. You see, I cannot get my camera to upload photos onto our current computer, so I’ve been uploading them onto our old will-not-connect-to-the-internet computer, editing them (since that’s also where my Photoshop is), and transferring them by thumb drive to our current computer. It’s a hassle, but it’s been working. Until today. Today, I got an error message that said something like, “NTLDR is missing”. I tried to google a troubleshoot, but it was all Greek to me. So, alas, I had to use my iPhone camera. *sigh*

The original photo was of me attempting to put Preston to sleep in his crib with his new light-up music box thinger. He didn’t go to sleep. I really don’t mind rocking him to sleep, I quite like it, but my 22-lb little man is hard on my back (and nursing him to sleep was not working). So, Noah put him to sleep. After a bit of fussing and crying. (This was the third time today Noah had put Preston to sleep.) (Also, the third time in Preston’s life Noah had put Preston to sleep.) (The boy likes his mama.)

This photo was taken above his crib and was supposed to have him in it, but I didn’t want too much light in his room. And, the only way I could get enough light from the iPhone was to put part of my hand in front of the lens. Stupid phone.

Oh, AND, when I tried to upload this photo to Flickr using the Flickr app, the app decided to be all fubar’d as well. So, I downloaded a different Flickr app and HERE IS THE PHOTO. Why is Day Two being such a pain in the butt?

Oh, and the theme. Inside. I am … inside. And also, not very bright, since I didn’t think to check the theme until after I’d uploaded the photo, written the caption, and remembered that Day Two usually has a theme. (Forgive me once, Sarah?)

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  • Angella Monday, September 19, 2011, 11:21 am

    I wish I had time to do seven days. Stupid work. ;)