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7 days :: 1 {steamy}

7 Days :: 1 {thank god for steam}

I completely failed on doing my Day One photo on time. Yesterday was full of work and a band clinic for my 11yo and more work and ballet for my 5yo and more work and gymnastics for my 11yo AND MORE WORK and then a sleepover for the 11yo and my husband out at a hockey game and sickness and snot and CAN WE ALL BE HEALTHY ONE DAY, PLEASE?

Anyway, on to the photo. I’m freshly-showered (I stayed in the extra-hot water extra-long due to the whole steam-allowing-me-to-breathe thing), hair giant and undone, in my sweats, drinking honey lemon tea (aka hot water with honey and lemon juice squirted into it), watching Buffy, and commenting on 7 Days photos. My boy and I are skipping church due to the amount of nasal excretion (so gross, so gross, so gross).

My baby boy was having a really hard time falling asleep for his nap, so I rubbed Vick’s VapoRub on his chest and back, nursed him, gave him a couple teething tablets (his fingers have been in his mouth a lot lately – teething AND a cold?), and now he’s finally asleep.

And I turned my furnace on this morning.

What is 7 Days? Well it’s right over here.

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  • Meg Sunday, September 30, 2012, 1:14 pm

    My nose is really snotty right now, stupid sinuses. I blame it on my Dad’s genes!

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