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7 Days :: The Final Chapter :: 2

7 Days :: 2 :: preparation

I’m finally getting around to wrapping the kids’ gifts from us and my parents. I spent a night last week building them and/or cutting all the annoying strings that hold them to their packaging. I figured it was better to do that than to spend all Christmas Day building a doll house with a million pieces while Liliana asks 300 times if I’m done yet. The toy gifts are instantly-playable this way.

I bought a roll of wrapping paper at Costco six years ago and I *just* used up the rest of roll. Thankfully it was double-sided so we didn’t get too sick of the one pattern for six Christmases.

Noah and Tal joined in the photo today by default, as they’re playing Perfect Dark on the N64 while I wrap.

(And don’t worry, no surprises are being spoiled. My kids don’t read my blog. Yet.)

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