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7 Days :: The Final Chapter :: 7

7 Days :: 7 :: the end of an era

I woke up this morning with a super-stiff neck. The night was awful, with one feverish child who slept beside me so I could keep an eye on him and make sure he kept breathing, and one child who woke screaming every half hour or so because she was coughing up a lung and the best way to describe her while sick is Dr. Sheldon Cooper. They are two peas in a pod.

I took an impromptu five-hour nap this afternoon to make up for last night’s lost sleep, and watched a bit of Love Actually for the first time this season (finally!) while commenting on 7 Days photos. But then Noah came back from dropping an overnight bag with Kaylie at her friend’s place and said to me, “Wanna watch something else? Something interesting? Like sports maybe?” I think he was only half kidding, but I agreed to watch something else because he’d brought me apples and ketchup chips and let me take the aforementioned nap. We settled on Friends, a favourite of both of ours. At least he doesn’t have completely bad taste.

Side note: I didn’t notice before that Shepard Book is Ross’s divorce lawyer! Or maybe I forgot? I get all giddy when I see Firefly cast members elsewhere.

Rachel and Monica are parting ways so Monica can live with Chandler, and they declare it the end of an era, which is how I feel about parting ways with you fine folks. So here’s to the end of the 7 Days era, my friends. Thank you so much, Sarah, for hosting us all these years. It’s been swell and I’ll miss you all a ton four times a year, and in between as well.

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