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a lot can happen in two weeks

When I left for LeakyCon, it had been raining here in Saskatoon for two straight weeks. This is what my biggest pumpkin plant looked like:

two weeks ago

Here is that exact same plant today, after two straight weeks of sunshine:

There are even a few little pumpkins growing already!

I should also mention, it was not watered once. The Back to Eden method is magical!

The zucchini plants haven’t grown as huge as quickly …

Two weeks ago:


… but one does have a zucchini on it!

The weeds are totally overwhelming me, but I plan to tackle them tomorrow. Everything grew so much while I was away, it’s like coming home after leaving my kids for two years and not even knowing them upon my return.

We shall get better acquainted very soon. Under a gallon of bug dope, because HOLY CRAP THE MOSQUITOES ARE TAKING OVER.

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