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A Real Life Offering

There was one song in Chapel this morning that really hit me. I’ve heard it before but you know how sometimes you just sing what’s on the powerpoint and you don’t really read it? Well that’s this song. It says, “So much more than an song we sing, So much more than a sunday fling” . . . It goes on and I can’t remember the words but it’s amazing how much truth is in that song. Oh yea, I remembered more, the chorus is talking about Jesus and how he is “Food for the hungry, Love for the lonely, Justice and mercy for those treated poorly, Tears for the lost and wounds for the cross, this is the message we sing, a real life offering.”

Jesus was the real life offering and He was and is all those things to us. He’s our everything, He’s all we need, and He’ll satisfy every need and every craving that we have if we’d only sing songs as more than just mere songs and go to church for more than a sunday fling with our friends. It hits me sometimes more than others: If Jesus gave himself to us, gave up His heavenly powers to come here to live as a human sacrifice, an offering, why is it so hard for us to give just a half hour a day to Him? He gave us everything and will continue to give us everything that we need yet we are stubborn and selfish and cannot give anything back.

I sometimes wish that I had not grown up knowing Jesus. This sounds wierd but let me get to the point. I felt sometimes that I’ve grown accustomed to it – that when I hear about Jesus dying on the cross and being raised from the dead for us, it’s just something that I’ve heard my whole life and I’m like, huh, that’s nice.

I sometimes envy people who had never heard about Jesus and then find out about this wonderful Savior and just devote their lives to him because they’ve never heard such an amazing story and felt the amazing fulfilment that Jesus gives. I’m not saying that that can’t be felt by people that have known Him their whole lives but I sometimes think that it may be easier if I’d been introduced to it when I was older and been wowed instead of yea yea yea, I’ve heard that before.

My New Year’s resolution is to become like the message had been heard by virgin ears. To become awed and amazed that God sent His Son, His one and only Son to us so that we might recieve eternal life even though we do not deserve it and cannot do anything so that we might come close to deserving it. To become so grateful to God for this precious gift that it will make me want to do everything I can to not disappoint God but to please him so that one day when I walk into heaven He will say, “Well done, good and faithful servant.”

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