all she wants for Christmas is her two front teeth

two front teeth

I pulled Liliana’s other front tooth out last night. It was hanging by a thread. She was scared, but I had her lay down with her head on my lap. Kaylie got me a piece of paper towel, and one yank later, Liliana had an instant lisp.

I love her cheeseball on-cue smile. I wonder if Santa actually stocks teeth for those who want them?

So, a funny story. I was l lying on my bed reading. Noah and Preston walked in. Noah bent down to kiss me, and Preston went all honest toddler and forced himself between us. “Mum!” He shimmied onto the bed, lay on top of me plank-style, put his head on my chest, and said again, “Mum.”

He looked up, glared at Noah, laid his head back down again and said, “Mum.”

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    1. I had to convince her. She didn’t want me to pull it out, but I told her it HAD to come out. I didn’t pin her down, but it was close. :)

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