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Anna and the French Kiss: a review

I seem to be reading a lot of YA lately. Sat in on one or two of this author’s panels at LeakyCon and I liked what she had to say about writing and such, fear in writing, and was curious to read one (all) of her books.

First-person and current narrative … slowly didn’t notice and got lost in the story.

Rainbow rooms

A year abroad, which is what I’d planned to do after I graduated – by the time my baby graduates high school, I’ll be 45, is that young enough to travel and stay in hostels and make friends with other travellers? It made me a little sad I missed out on that experience. Not that I’d give my kid up for it, but, I think y’all know what I mean.

Paris has never really been on my list, and my parents were there earlier this summer and said the people there were horrible, but this book made me want to go. Badly.

Perfectly captures the feelings of teen romance, the unknown and the tension and the WILL THEY OR WON’T THEY?! She left me wanting to know more of the characters’ back-stories and

Distraught inner turmoil.

The sexual tension is almost enough to kill a person.

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