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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 3

Sixteen are left. Who will be voted out of The Bachelorette tonight?

Previews for tonight and tomorrow: Drama, Drama, Drama.

Andi is excited for the day becasue they’re heading to Santa Barbara. Chris comes in and talks to the guys. He says they’ll be joining Andi for their dates in Santa Barbara.

Date card! “Nick, let’s ride off into the sunset. ♥ Andi”

Nick meets up with Andi and joins him on a bike ride. Helmets for safety! Andi says she just wants a normal date with a guy. They bike to the beach and walk into the ocean. They look kind of awkward. I like this guy, but I don’t see him heading to the end. But then, I didn’t see Desiree picking Poetry-Guy Chris, so who knows.

Andrew and some other guy chat about whether or not they think Nick is good for Andi or not.

Lizard’s Mouth, California. Nick tells Andi about how he sees the future, in general, about falling in love and all that. Andi says you just say how you feel and go with it. Nick says Andi has a “great resume,” which makes Andi laught. Nick: “I have a real crush on Andi.” Andi thinks Nick is adorable and likes that he has a crush on her. She then says nice fluffy things about him. Nick: “It’s weird to think that this is the first date and Andi could be the one.”

Andi says her date with Nick has been “kind of nice.” She wants to dig deeper to see if there’s something clicks with him. They’re at dinner and Andi asks Nick why he is still single, because he’s quite rad. He was in a 7-year relationship since high school and when it ended, he had a fling that ended in engagement. “For like a second.”

Marcus says he’s sad he hasn’t had a date yet. He hopes his name isn’t on the group date card, because it would mean he’s not on the group date.

Date card! “Brian, Marquel, Cody, Tasos, Brett, Bradley, Josh, Eric, Andrew, Patrick, Marcus. Let’s start things off on the right note. ♥ Andi”

Andi says she’s glad Nick is being open. Nick says he’s thankful for his past because it’s made him learn things. Nick says he wants to be in a situation where he doesn’t want anybody but the person he’s with. Andi says it’s obvious she has a connection with Nick. Andi picks up the rose and says something about giving Nick the first-impression rose. She offers him the rose and he accepts. They kiss. Nick: “These crazy kids might have a shot!” They make out on the balcony. Andi: “It’s been a good date. A really, really good date.”

Coming up: Boyz II Men. Group date guys sing with them. Opera guy makes people cover their ears. I’m not a huge fan of him.

The group date guys figure their date has something to do with music. They head out to Santa Barbara to meet Andi at a classical music training centre. Patrick is the first to run up and hug her. Brian is STOKED to see Boyz II Men. As is Marquel. The guys meet the other guys and Andi informs them that they’re going to sing I’ll Make Love to You with the Boyz.

The first guys aren’t the best singers. This would be mortifying. Cody says he’s outside his comfort zone. There are two rehearsal groups. I haven’t heard a good singer yet. Opera guy is obviously doing well. The Boyz say all the guys are awful singers but they’re looking forward to it. They’re quite hilarious.

Concert time! Looks like an outdoor concert. The two groups of guys are super nervous. The Boyz sound great. I haven’t listened to them in FOREVER. Chris gets up on the stage and announces that the guys are coming up on stage. Opera guy says they dedicate the song “to you, Baby Girl.” They’re good sports, I’ll give them that. Andi: “These guys are butchering this song.” At least the audience isn’t throwing rotten tomatoes at them. A little girl is holding her hands on her ears. Opera guy goes off on a high note. The Boyz say that if this is any indication of how the guys are, Andi will be going home alone. (Everything is said in good humour, but there isn’t really a font for that.) Opera guy needs to zip it.

The guys get back to the house and Andi toasts to the guys and tells them she couldn’t stop smiling when they left the concert. Andi pulls Cody away first. She says “y’all” a lot. She says she has to confront Cody about something. She then says, “There are a few guys in the house that say that you have a girlfriend.” He looked scared, said he hadn’t had a girlfriend in like 3.5 years, but then Andi starts laughing. Ack! Goober.

Eric asks her if it’s weird with them since they had the first one-on-one date. She says no.

The guys talk about how Andi is the whole package. Andi asks one of the guys if he thinks black is a colour. YES IT IS. If she does think that black is a colour, she can win the title of Best Bachelorette.

Marcus says that Andi is the first girl he’s met in a while that he’s excited about spending time with. He says that he wants to kiss her and she says, “It’s about time.” He says he hopes he gets the Group Date Rose.

Josh M says he’s nervous being around her, and he wants to kiss her every day. So they make out for a while. Andi doesn’t seem to mind kissing ALL THE GUYS. (To be honest, I don’t blame her.)

Andi picks up the Group Date Rose and says how great the guys are, throwing a few “y’all”s in there. She picks up the rose and offers it to Josh, who has a giant smile across his face. This is such an awkward process. I’d hate to be the guy who makes out with her for a while and hears how much she likes him, and then watch as she gives the rose to someone else.

Marcus isn’t too happy about the whole thing, but says it’s all part of the process. Then Andi and the guys break out into song with I’ll Make Love To You.

Back in Santa Barbara Andi does the whole Walking Down The Road thing. JJ pulls up in a black truck, his nipples hardcore showing through his shirt. Weird.

Andi tells him that they’re going to grow old together. They will be transformed, head to tow, into old people. I gotta hand it to the make-up people. JJ definitely looks like a real old man. Andi looks more like she has make-up on. They chase ducks walking like they’re 120 years old. They get a lot of weird looks. Today’s date has made Andi think that growing old with JJ would be great.

Back at the house Ron is outside pacing while talking on the phone while inside the guys wonder what’s going on. He looks sad. This can’t be good. I know enough about the show to know that they’re not allowed to watch TV, use computers, have cell phones, etc, so if a guy is shown on the phone, it can’t be good news.

Old Andi and Old JJ are playing football while they’re being weirdly looked at by onlookers. Andi says that JJ was the perfect person to take on this date. JJ says he finds her very attractive and like having fun with her. Andi says she definitely wants to find someone to grow old with. She wants a love that lasts forever.

Ron is packing up his stuff and something is said about a family emergency. Ron comes into the room and says that he’s heading home. A close friend of his passed away. The guys surround him with hugs and such. That sucks a lot.

JJ and Andi are riding around on old-people scooters. Andi looks hilarious. But JJ seriously looks awesome. As in, he looks like a real old person. He pulls a Werther’s out of his pocket and hands it to her. Andi says that life with JJ would be incredible. JJ says he can see himself growing old with her.

They clean up and head to a restaurant. Andi is stoked to see him young again. They sit on a couch, because there’s always a couch. Of course there is. They open a bottle of red wine. JJ thanks her for the thought that went into asking him to come on this date with her. JJ tells Andi that he had to change schools when he was younger because of social issues, and he was afraid he’d never meet someone like her and would end up alone. He says he’s letting go of vulnerability, and that he feels comfortable around her. He says she helps him be a better person.

Dylan says he feels he needs to tell Andi about his history. He says that his sister died of a drug overdose. His brother overdosed and was on a respirator. He was pronounced brain-dead.

JJ says that his longest relationship was 14 months. In his last relationship they were too similar, and were too competitive. He says that he likes that Andi said he was intriguing.

Andi picks up the Date Rose, says nice things about him, and offers the rose to him. He is stoked to have the rose, and the affirmation from Andi. He says he wishes the wrinkles were real, so they’d have been together for 50 years.

Cocktail party time! One dude says he feels they’re all deserving of roses. Nick says he’s stoked to go into the night with a rose. Andi walks into the room and there are smiles all around. She says she is sad about Ron having to leave, because she cares about him and doesn’t like that he’s hurting.

She gets some one-on-one time with Eric, and he says how he knows how little time they have together. A delivery guy walks in with flowers for Andi. Eric says he wishes he was responsible for them. Nick sent them. Andi says she feels bad about having a smile on her face from the flowers in front of Eric, who isn’t too stoked either.

Eric says he all of a sudden felt insecure and uncomfortable. Andi then takes off to find Nick and thank him for the flowers. Nick says he has genuine real feelings about Andi. He had his doubts about the whole thing, but he’s now a believer.

Josh M says he has to get something off his chest and goes to find JJ. He brings up the group date, how Andrew hit on the hostess, got her number, and bragged about it to the rest of the guys. Josh doesn’t like that the first time they interacted with other females, Andrew got a girl’s number.

Eric is talking to Andrew, saying that he doesn’t like the weird vibe that happens around the house. JJ comes in and pulls Andrew away. Eric doesn’t have good luck tonight, constantly being interrupted. Josh and JJ confront Andrew and ask if it’s true, and if so, why is he not taking this seriously? Andrew says he doesn’t want to engage with them, and walks back inside. It’s one of those times when it’s obvious the camera men are going with the flow, following Andrew back into the house. JJ and Josh follow him and ask what the heck he’s doing. A camera man is even shown following one of them up the stairs. Is this one of the times the producers initiate drama just to see how it goes? It’s kind of looking like it. Josh and JJ say something sarcastic like, thanks for showing us what a good guy you are.

Andi is pulled aside by Marcus to have a little chat and some kisses. He says he doesn’t think anyone else is experiencing with Andi what the two of them experience together.

Andrew is saying that it’s like warfare how the guys confronted him. Andrew says he was handed a phone number on the second or third night they were there. He says he did not brag about it. Andrew says he is ready for a throw-down. Andrew says he is not going to stoop to their level.

Chris comes to steal Andi away for the rose ceremony. She says how happy she is, thanks to the guys. Andrew wishes luck to everyone. I’d expect more drama from this if there wasn’t so little time left in the episode.

Chris comes in, states that Nick, Josh, and JJ already have roses, says that the guys who do not get roses must leave immediately, and wishes them the best.

Andi says the rose ceremony nights are bitter-sweet. She’s thankful and feels lucky to be there.

Roses! Marcus. Brian. Marquel. Tasos. (I like Tasos, but he looks too much like my ex and I kind of want him to go home so I don’t have a heart attack every time I see him.) Cody. Patrick. (I don’t even recognize some of these guys.) Chris. Eric. Dylan McKay. (Ok, just Dylan.) Final rose! Andrew. Uh oh. Maybe there will be some drama about this next week. Andrew has a look of satisfaction on his face.

So, Ron is gone. Now Brett. He says he wishes he wasn’t so shy. Bradley says he just wants to love and to be loved. He says he’s sad to go.

Andi says it’s not easy to let guys go, but she’s stoked about the guys who are left. They toast to next week.

Next episode! Good things! Fun things! Sports Injury! Drama! Can’t wait!

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