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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 5

Eleven are left. Who will be voted off Bachelorette Island tonight?

Marseille, France! Andi checks out the scenery and the guys check out their hotel room. They receive a Date! Card! “Josh, Voyeons si votre amour petit tenir le cop … ♥ Andi” (I could have totally gotten that wrong, but it was hard to read/hear.)

Chris shows up to join Andi for tea or coffee or something. Andi has never been to France and knows very little French. Chris asks her if she’s falling in love. “Stop!” She says it’s not just one guy.

Andi shows up to take Josh away for his date with her. The other guys are jealous (obviously). They walk around the streets of Marseille and check out some street vendors. They hop on a sailboat and make out, after which Josh talks about golf and baseball a whole bunch. He then asks Andi what she’s really good at. “Uh, mind games!” Oy.

A date card shows up at the hotel where the rest of the guys are hanging out. Group date! Dylan reads it: Marcus, myself, Chris, Cody, JJ, Marquel, Nick, Patrick, Andrew.

Cue gorgeous views. Josh & Andi sit beside the Mediterranean. She mentions the chemistry she had with Juan Pablo, but she could never be with him. She’s worried that what she has with Josh is purely physical.

The three guys back at the hotel are chatting. JJ says that he was standing beside Andrew at the rose ceremony and said that after Andi gave Ron a rose, Andrew said to Marquel, “Oh, he gave it to the two black guys.” Ron: “Shut the f*** up.” Marquel is angry, but wants to gather his thoughts before he says something he’d regret. Marquel is hurt by the reality of the first thing a person notices about him is that he’s a black guy. “It would be nice to not be seen as hey, the black guy.”

Meanwhile, Josh and Andi show up at Palais Longchamp. Josh is stoked. It’s a huge castle. Andi is nervous, as the physical connection with Josh is there, but she wants the emotional connection as well. Andi admits to Josh that she was nervous. Josh mirrors Andi’s thoughts about the emotional connection. Andi says she’s been cheated on before and chalked it up to, “Oh, he’s an athlete.” She says she tried not to judge Josh from the beginning due to his former-pro-baseball-player status. Josh says he doesn’t like being judged before people know him. He tells her he likes her.

Josh says he was with a girl for five years and she kept hearing rumours about, oh, athletes, they cheat a lot. She was on her way to visit him and called him the night before saying she’d been out that night and was with someone, he says this has made it difficult to trust people. He says this is the first time he’s felt this way in forever. Andi says she feels like she can take a deep breath with him, she can relax a bit. She says she’s had her guard up with him, but he’s lowering it.

She picks up the rose and offers it to him, he obviously accepts. Next up, private concert! Josh is stoked, as he thought the date was over. But no, Ben Fields is playing for them. Andi and Josh slow dance on a red carpet surrounded by candles. Josh says he feels on top of the world. It was fireworks from the beginning. He can’t wait to see what happens next. He’s on his way to falling in love with her, which is a great feeling.

Andi meets nine of the guys for the group date. They’re off to explore Marseille. They head to a dance studio where a mime comes out from behind the curtain. None of the guys are too stoked about this miming thing. The mime tries to teach the guys some moves. In no time, the guys are in mime costumes and are off to perform for “all of France”.

Back at the hotel a date card arrives. Brian grabs it. “Brian, I’ve got the recipe for love. ♥ Andi.”

The guys are nervous to perform. They go into a square and get many strange looks. Dylan: “Uh, the crowds aren’t liking what we’re doing.” Andi: “They are pretty much terrified of us.” Marquel bonds with a kid. JJ reenacts his first date with Andi. Andi is really impressed with the guys. Except for one, who is a sourpuss. Nick.

The group heads to a place with a big couch. Because there is always a couch. JJ steals Andi away to a Ferris Wheel. A Ferris Wheel that spins. TERRIFYING. Andi is stoked with it. The rest of the guys worry over the group date rose. They gang up on Andrew. Andi felt, as she walked back to the other guys, that something was up. Andi takes Chris away, and he says there are difficult situations going on. Back with the guys they’re now ganging up on Nick. Drama, drama, drama. Chris then talks crap about Nick.

Cody then gets some one-on-one time with Andi and also brings up Nick. He says the problem arises from the fact that feelings are getting stronger and that builds friction.

Andi then talks to Nick, who says he had fun earlier. He says that it was very unnatural for him to mime in front of people. Andi says that she wishes he would just have fun. He says group dates are hard for him. Andi tells Nick that she feels like stuff is going on and wants to hear about it. Andi: “If I was your wife would you tell me?” Nick: “Fair enough.” He says he said something to Cody, mocking him. He takes responsibility, but downplays it. Nick then takes out some poetry he wrote for her. It’s kind of cheesy, but I guess this is what the winning guy in Desiree’s season did. Andi: “Are you going to kiss me already or what?”

Tensions are high with the guys. Marquel says it’s hard not to say something to Andrew. Some guy is chatting with Andi and then brings on the kissing. She says she feels like they’re back on track. Marquel then brings up to Andrew, in front of the whole group, the whole thing about him saying something about Andi “picking both the black dudes”. Andrew denies it. Marquel says how much it hurts him to have things depend on race. Andrew doesn’t understand why someone brought it up, because he didn’t say it. Marquel says he will never stand for any racial profiling. Dylan says Marquel handled it like a man. Andrew says he wasn’t going into the evening expecting conflict.

Andrew then talks to Andi and she wants to know what’s going on. He says that Marquel said that he heard something that he didn’t say, and he doesn’t want to be in the middle of the drama. Andi wonders how she can even think about handing out a rose. She picks up the rose and offers it to JJ. He’s pretty stoked. Nick is very disappointed.

The guys wonder what Brian’s date is going to be about. Cody says he’s a foodie and would love to cook. Brian is stoked but is nervous about the rose. They come to a cinema for their own private movie. It’s a love story about cooking or something. After the movie they head to the market to grab ingredients for dinner. One booth serves them sea urchins. They pick up some frog legs after that. Brian says he does not cook. Andi is surprised how timid Brian is. Andi: “We could not be further apart right now.” You know, I get Brian. Noah tells me I’m completely naive when it comes to dudes liking me. I don’t have a freaking clue. I’m stuck in my adolescence when it shocked me if anybody wanted to hang out with me, much less a dude. I just assume people don’t like me. YES I HAVE ISSUES, OKAY?! Anyway …

Andi and Brian fry up the frog legs. Andi doesn’t like that Brian isn’t trying anything with her. Just a kiss in the kitchen. “Is there a future with Brian?” They instead head to a restaurant. Brian says his confidence was high before he went completely out of his comfort zone with the cooking. He regrets not making a move. They talk about his lack of confidence/romanticism, and then he finally kisses her. She picks up the rose and offers it to Brian. I’m guessing he isn’t a huge fan of the cameras. He takes her away to the back of the restaurant and kisses her. She’s smitten. Andi: “That’s the guy I see a future with. ”

Cocktail party time! Andi is both excited and terrified. She and Chris Harrison sit down together. The guys do a movie-esque walk to the rose ceremony place. Cody is worried about going home. Andi says she feels good, but she feels that her gut instinct says she doesn’t think there shouldn’t be a cocktail party tonight. She says she wants to make a cut of three guys. Chris asks her if she’d like to speak to them first, but she says no.

The guys are wondering what is taking so long, and why the cocktail party hasn’t started yet. Chris comes to talk to the guys and informs them there will be no cocktail party, and three men will be going home tonight. Cody is sad that he’s not getting any time with her. Patrick is very worried that he’s going home. Marquel is nervous that there is nothing he can do tonight to make sure that he gets a rose.

My guess for who’s going home: Patrick, Andrew, and … I don’t know. Cody, maybe? Josh, JJ, and Brian are safe. If I can count correctly, only five roses will be given tonight. Marcus. Nick. DRAMATIC MUSIC. Chris. DRAMATIC MUSIC. Dylan. LOTS OF DRAMATIC MUSIC. Chris make the last rose announcement. EVEN MORE DRAMATIC MUSIC. Cody. Whaaat? I was kind of hoping for Marquel and … nobody, I’m not sad about Andrew or Patrick leaving. Marquel seems to have a rad sense of humour. Andrew is annoyed that the guys’ drama led to him being sent home. Patrick is surprised he’s walking out of the house. He’s been told that he’s got the qualities of being a husband. Marquel says meeting Andi made him feel love again. He’s very emotional. He says he’s not anything special, but hopes for love in the future.

Andi tells the guys where they’re going next week … Venice!

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