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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 6

Eight are left. Who will be voted off Bachelorette Island tonight?

Venice, Italy! I recognize some of these places from photos from when my in-laws were there a few years ago. I want to go to there! Seriously, though, I need to get on the crew of The Bachelor(ette).

They guys say all the nice things about how great Andi is and how much they’re looking forward to their dates and all that schmushy stuff.

Cue Andi in a boat with her hair blowing in the wind and Andi looking off a balcony with her hair blowing in the wind and Andi walking down a street with her hair blowing in the wind. I wonder how much of this kind of thing they shoot. I’m sure Andi must get soooo bored doing all the walking and pondering stuff.

Andi welcomes the guys to Venice. They all get hugs. That’s not awkward at all. I want the first hug! Why did I get the last hug?!

The first date is a one-on-one date. And there’s a surprise! It starts right now. The only guy who hasn’t had a one-on-one is Cody. But, the date card goes to … Nick! He is shocked she picked him. Cody is blushed and looks quite disappointed. The other guys are so not happy about the choice of the one-on-one date. Andi says her decision might not have been popular, but she needs to know when she needs more from somebody. She likes Nick, but there was something that didn’t fit right from last week. Can she move on with him or not?

My favourite job-title of these guys is the pantspreneur. Such a weirdo. The rest of the guys check out their hotel room and say scripted lines about how great the view is. Cody speaks about how frustrated he is about not getting the date, but is wondering about maybe Andi needed some questions answered.

Andi and Nick gaze over a canal, and walk through a square hand-in-hand, saying scripted lines. Andi wonders if Nick is cocky and arrogant, or if he is just misunderstood. She’d rather be heartbroken than keep him around. Nick says he woke up frightened that he might lose something.

Date card! Cody is nervous. “It’s kinda my future right now.” The date card is read: “Josh, Brian, Dylan, Marcus, JJ, Chris.” All the guys congratulate Cody on his not going on the group date, as it means he gets the other one-on-one date. “Everything is finally coming together.

I love canals. I loved the ones in Holland, I want to see the Italy ones up close. Nick and Andi do some kissing on the boat thingy. Nick feels like they’re “back”. Andi is looking forward to resolving some issues from the group date. Going into tonight, it’s sink or swim.

Nick hopes he has the opportunity to tell Andi that he’s falling in love with her. “I feel like we belong. It works.” I wonder when they take these interview things. Do they stop multiple times during the date? That seems to be the only way it’s possible. That is just so weird. Hey, you’re going on a date with Andi! But first, let’s hold you up and do this interview first!

Andi and Nick check out a masquerade hall and say all the lovely scripted lines. And then sit down to a table that’s meant for TV. Here, both of you sit on one side! Better for the cameras! Andi says she has a surprise. She has her reasons for bringing him on this date. She brings up the group date from last week. Nick says it was a weird night. Andi mentions something about Cody as well. She wants to know the answers. Nick says he was rattled after talking to Cody. His feelings were hurt. Andi asks him, “Do you think you’re a front-runner?” Nick says he doesn’t like the word, he feels lucky for the connection he and Andi have. Yes, totally, you’re looking SO CLOSE right now, you dope. He says he can’t be completely safe with the guys because it might hinder his relationship with her. He is glad he and Andi can have conversations like this. “I can confidently say that I am falling in love.” Andi says she likes hearing that. She feels like she’s in a dream or on a different planet. She likes that he takes responsibility for what he says.

The rose is in Andi’s hand. She offers it to him and he accepts. And then he invites her to dance. Andi pulls out a masquerade mask. Nick is glad that tonight he could take the metaphorical mask and be open with Andi. They walk up to a band of an acordian, bass, and violin. Andi says Venice is her favourite city in the world. She doesn’t want this night to end. She’s very hopeful for the future. “An amazing ending to a great date.”

Andi receives a third note from her secret admirer. She’s smitten. “Who is it?!” She walks down the street and meets the group-date guys. She’s looking forward to having some time with the guys. They walk into a castle. Suits of armour! Swords! Crossbows! Andi says this date is about honesty. In order to find the truth, she has a little reinforcement. Two guys walk out and the guys are told they’re taking a lie detector test. Chris says he doesn’t want some stuff to come out during a lie-detector test. All the guys are nervous and anxious. Brian says he hasn’t lied to her yet, so he’s not too nervous about it. Andi is first up for the lie-detector test. Only yes or no answers.

Josh is up first. He doesn’t see the point in the test, and thinks Andi should trust him. The rest of the guys cycle through and are asked serious and hilarious questions. “Do you wash your hands after going to the bathroom?” Dylan pulls Andi aside. He tells her he’s heading back to the hotel. During Chris’s test, he’s asked if he’s Andi’s secret admirer. He says yes. He wants to tell her himself, rather than her finding out from this silly test.

The two men walk out of the castle with the results of the test. Everyone is nervous. Three guys told no lies, one guy told two lies, two guys told three lies. Andi is handed the results. Andi, it turns out, told two lies. Her results are handed to the guys. Josh didn’t want to see the results. Brian reads the results. Andi lied about thinking all the guys were there for the right reasons, and that Italy is her favourite country in the world. Andi then opens the guys’ results. Except she doesn’t and rips up the results. She says she hopes the lies aren’t big lies.

Nick and Cody are back at the hotel hanging out in a sauna. Cody says he’s there for Andi and is looking forward to their date together.

Andi is glad she ripped up the test results. Brian takes Andi away and does his own lie detector test. She has one hand on his heart and the other on his wrist pulse. He tells her she can ask him anything. She then turns the tables on him. Brian has improved his game since the start. He’s not as apprehensive as he was.

Marcus tells Andi that he was thinking about leaving at one point, but that was before his one-on-one, and he has since changed his mind. Andi is surprised at this news. I love how the guys express their feelings for her while they’re sitting three feet away. It looks so awkward. Andi says she doesn’t take it for granted that Marcus stayed around just for her.

Josh tells Andi that he wasn’t a fan of the lie detector test. He thinks the test was because she didn’t trust him/them. He’s glad she ripped up the results. She’s confused as to what Josh is hiding. He defends himself, “I’m not hiding anything from you.” Andi is questioning things, as she was so confident about Josh up till this point. She’s questioning everything about this group date. Are some of the guys not being as honest as she thought?

Chris takes Andi aside and tells her that he hasn’t been completely honest with her. He was afraid she was going to find out about it opening up the lie detector test. Andi starts laughing and says she knows what he’s talking about. She says she guessed he was the secret admirer. She likes that she gets to see that side of him, the romantic side. “Chris is always that little dash of hope.”

Andi tells the guys how grateful she is that they played along with the lie detector test. She tells them she’s confused with some things and has some doubt. She then picks up the group date rose. I bet you anything it goes to Chris. She says the guy she’s giving it to always makes dates and group days better. She offers it to Chris. Score!

Josh isn’t happy. I hope this guy goes home. I’m finding he’s kind of a weenie. The other guys tell Chris congrats on his rose, and how jealous they are that he got it. Mr. Pantspreneur says how annoyed he is that the guys keep congratulating each other on the rose another guy gets, or getting one-on-one dates. “We shouldn’t be happy, we shouldn’t be happy to see someone else get a rose on a date like today.” He says that one of the five of them is going home at the end of the week, and it frightens him that he doesn’t know who that guys is. Brian says that he hopes he gets to the end with Andi, but if someone else gets a rose, he’s just going to look to the next opportunity he has to get time with her. Chris tells JJ that his true colours will shine through, and that Andi will see that.

Verona! Andi’s walking, and she’s walking, and she’s looking over the canal, pondering. She has a date with Cody today and starts in on his eyes. “They are the best eyes I have ever seen.” She says her relationship with Cody is the furthest behind. She hopes they can find their romance today. Andi looks like she’s completely uncomfortable walking in her shoes. Though her skort is pretty rad. She takes Cody to the scene and the balcony that inspired Romeo & Juliet. Cody: “I’m ready to be Andi’s Romeo, that’s for sure.”

Andi brings Cody to the Club Di Guilietta. It’s a place where people write their loves notes, and the Club Di Guilietta responds. She and Cody read through the letters. Cody says he’s like to respond to the letters as if he was talking to Andi. He tells Andi that she makes him feel like a sixteen-year-old kid, so excited and happy and hopeful.

They sit down to dinner and Cody tells Andi that today is one of the best dates he’s ever been on. Looks like he’s a white-wine drinker and she’s a red-wine drinker. He then takes out a letter he wrote to her about the story from when he first saw her on The Bachelor. He tells her that he’s known her for a long time and he wants to get close to her. She looks apprehensive and scared. She’s going to let him down, isn’t she? He goes on a tangent about how he wants to be with her and wants her to meet his family, and she is looking at him like he’s nuts. Tears come to her eyes and she tells him to stop. She tells him that right now she just sees a friendship. She feels like she doesn’t deserve the attention. She took him on the one-on-one date to figure out if they are compatible. She can’t do it to him, she has so much respect for him, and he makes her feel so appreciated. She can’t wait till home-towns to hurt him. She can’t take him to next week, it’s not fair. As hard as it is, it’s the right thing to do. Cody: “You know, I’m not gonna lie, it’s a tough pill to swallow.” He says he sees something in Andi that he wants. He says he understands, but doesn’t like it. Andi says he’s a great guy, so kind and nice.

In his exit interview, Cody has tears in his eyes and says it’s hard to leave. Back at the house, a bellboy comes to take Cody’s suitcase away. Andi says she has such a weird feeling about saying goodbye to Cody. She doesn’t like causing someone pain. She says it’s hard on her to let these guys down, to let them go.

There’s still half an hour to go in the show and they’re already at the cocktail party. Something’s gonna go down here. There’s a gorgeous mansion, Villa Mosconi Bertani. I hope JJ goes home. I know I’ve liked him and Andi on their one-on-one date, but with the other guys, he’s kind of a dope. Andi says there are some things she has to figure out. Nick takes Andi away as soon as she walks in the door. Andi: “Good job, Nick.”The guys encourage Dylan to go and take Andi away. He doesn’t want any regrets. The guys jump on Nick as soon as he gets back to the group. They say they’re disappointed that he did that after having a one-on-one date with her. Dylan tells Andi that he’s in love with her. Brian has a note for her.

Josh talks with Andi about the group date, about their last conversation ending on a sour note. He says he trusts her, but wants her to trust him. She tries to speak and is interrupted by him. He thinks the lie detector means she was second-guessing them. Their conversation doesn’t end in a kiss. That’s not a good sign. Maybe he’s going home tonight rather than Pantspreneur?

Chris Harrison and Andi have a little pre-rose-ceremony chat. She tells Chris she had an ok week. It started on a high note, an unbelievable date. She says Nick is starting to be a believer in this whole thing. Then the group date happened. She talks about not opening the envelope. She says Josh was not thrilled that she gave them the lie detector test. It was very back and forth with him, almost combative. She left being so confused. She says she’s in doubt that this will work out at all. She’s scared of heartbreak. One other guy, besides Cody, is going home tonight. She’s not looking for who’s fun, but who she sees a future with. She gazes at the photos of the seven remaining guys.

Rose ceremony! Maybe something isn’t going down. Huh. Anyway, Chris Harrison welcomes the guys to the rose ceremony. He mentions that there are only four roses and five rose-less guys. The dude who does not receive a rose will be on a plane back to the United States that night. Andi walks in. She says the weeks had highs and lows, and a lot of questions. She says she’s luck to be there, but it’s tough to send people home. This is about the future.

Nick and Chris already have roses. Andi picks up the first rose. DRAMATIC MUSIC! Dylan. DRAMATIC MUSIC! Brian. GLARES FROM THE OTHER GUYS! DRAMATIC MUSIC! Marcus. Chris Harrison comes out and announces the final rose. It’s between JJ and Josh. She chooses Josh. Goodbye, Panstreneur. Chris Harrison tells JJ to say his goodbyes. Andi walks JJ out and they sit on a bench. She tells him that she doesn’t see a future with him. He says if she doesn’t have feelings for him, he’d rather she let him go now than be lead on. He tells her good luck and hops in the limo. He says he didn’t expect it at all. He started falling for her from day one, wondering what their life would be like together, about her becoming his wife.

Andi walks back in to the guys and announces they’re heading to … Brussels! It’s the week before home-towns. More drama with Josh! Nick being a dope! Drama, drama, drama! It’s all coming up next week on The Bachelorette.

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