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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 7

Six are left. Who will be voted off Bachelorette Island tonight?

Brussels! Belgium! I want to go there. This is the last week before the home-town dates. The guys check out their couch-clad hotel room. Chris Harrison comes in to talk to the guys about the home-towns. Nick is kind of a douche-canoe. I used to like him, but not so much any more. Josh says he wants to make up for the group date from last week. Chris hands Nick a date card. He wants a one-on-one date and doesn’t care that he just had one last week.

“Marcus. Let’s get a taste of Brussels. ♥ Andi” Marcus is STOKED. Andi & Marcus walk around the downtown market. They sit down for some beer and mussels. They talk about Marcus’s wanting to leave. I think I like Marcus. He sounds more sincere and less fake than, say, Nick.

You know, I’ve been thinking about Eric’s conversation with Andi. How he called her on her fakeness in front of the cameras. Just like Andi called out Juan Pablo. I’d say Eric dodged a bullet, but he died shortly after leaving the show, so that’s just the wrong thing to say.


Andi and Marcus head to dinner. Andi wants to know more about Marcus’s family. They’re at the Academy Palace. There is no rose on this date, which I’m guessing is because if there was a rose on this date and the other one-on-one date and on the group date, then only one rose will be given out at the rose ceremony. And that would just be boring. Andi asks Marcus who he’d be meeting if she visits his hometown. He lists his family members, then says that his dad will not be there, as he left the family. Marcus doesn’t understand why he left and is obviously hurt by this as he’s hesitant to talk about it and his face is bright red. He says his mom wasn’t the best mother, but he understands she tried the best he could. His mom was very strict and used corporal punishment. He tried to be out of the house as much as possible. He says his relationship with his mother is better now.

So, Marcus shared, now what’s up with Andi? Why doesn’t she tell about her family? Or did I miss that part?

Marcus says he has never felt this way about another person. Andi: “This is a man. This is a total-package man.”

Date card! Back at the house a date card arrives. A group date card? Nope. “Josh. Let’s ghent it on. ♥ Andi” Josh is stoked. Nick: “I will take advantage of any time I have to see her and spend time with her. I need to get that rose.” He is such a douche. I’m not a huge fan of Josh, either. Part of me hopes Josh and Nick go home, but part of me hopes they stay and that Marcus and Chris and Dylan and Brian go home because they’re solid individuals and Andi is kind of scary. She’s a fantastic bachelorette, from a marketing perspective, but she’d be a scary person to be in a relationship with. She’s a district attorney. You don’t get there without being scary.

Nick heads out to find Andi. “To make a move. When something is important to me, I go after it.” He goes up to the front desk and says he lost his room key and doesn’t remember his room number but the room is under his wife’s name. “Andi Dorfman” YOU TOOL. This has got to be staged, because LIKE THEY WOULD NOT KNOW with all the cameras and all that. He spells out her name for the front desk and gets a room number and key. THIS IS SO REALISTIC! Except not.

His heart is racing. He knocks on Andi’s door and she answers it still wearing her dress from her date with Marcus. Andi is glad to see him. She asks if everything is ok. They go into her hotel room and he asks her to go for a walk. She changes and they take off. Andi: “It is breaking the rules and there is for a moment a feeling of guilt knowing I just got out of a one-on-one date tomorrow, but I’m looking for someone to spend the rest of my life with and they should want to come over!”

Andi says she’s never seen him this nervous. Nick has a sucky poker face. He can’t stop smiling, but in an obnoxious way, not a sincere way. They make out for a while. Andi: “If I had to choose one word to describe my relationship with Nick it would be ‘passion’.” Ok, he’s smooth. And charming. Andi: “It’s so hot.” Nick: “I will never forget this night in Brussels with Andi.”

Ghent, Belgium. Josh! Andi: “I don’t really know how it’s going to go.” Andi wants him to bare (bear? my brain is not working) his soul to her. They try out some chocolates. Belgian chocolates. Andi wants him to tell her what emotions he’s feeling. There’s a parade of ducks! This is the best parade ever. Oh, sorry, they’re geese. Andi is afraid that Josh is going to be the one to break her heart. Josh: “I’m just not used to dating a girl who is dating other guys.” Uh, yea. This is awkward. In other situations, I’d say, yea, that’s fair, but dude. You applied to The Bachelorette. What did you expect? Yea, it sucks, but you literally signed up for this.

Andi asks Josh if he’s willing to be vulnerable. She says she needs it from him. She has two guys, Nick and Marcus, who are ready to get married. They head to dinner, where Andi needs to know if Josh is able to express his feelings. To be fair, I wouldn’t be able to express my feelings to a guy who is dating a bunch of other girls. But also, I’d never apply to the Bachelor. Unless they’re looking for crew members.

Josh says he wants her all to herself. He wants her to trust him. She wants him to tell her that he’s falling in love with her.

Date card! “Nick, Dylan, Brian, Chris. True love is sacred. ♥ Andi” Nick: “I cannot wait to never have to do this again.” I’m with ya, dude. Group dates would be the worst. Andi asks Josh what kind of questions his parents are going to ask. He says they’re going to be open and honest. How he’s doing, how he’s feeling about all of this. He tells Andi that he’s falling in love with her. She cocks her head a bit. He says he doesn’t throw the L word around lightly. Then they kiss awkwardly for a bit. But not as bad as Juan Pablo and the opera singer whose name I can’t remember. But I liked her. Just not with JP.

Andi and Josh head to an open-air concert and dance on a platform (not Ross & Monica-style). I missed the name of the band, but I like their sound. Andi is stoked that Josh told her that he’s falling in love with her.

Group date! Les Ruines de Montaigle in Onhaye, Belgium. Chris, Nick, Brian, and Dylan walk up to meet Andi. There is one rose on this date. Nick wants the rose (obviously). Brian says he’ll do anything he can to get a rose. He’s such a sweetheart, I want him to go home. Dylan says he hopes his relationship with Andi will stand the test of time. They hop on a rail bike. It’s a bike that goes on a railroad track. The guys are hilarious. And working insanely hard.

Next up, they’re going to check out a castle-type place. Chris wants to know what the “love is sacred” part of the date card means. They walk up to a monastery. Nuns and monks actually live there. (Andi’s words.) They are devoted to studying religion and spirituality. There is no kissing inside the walls. Nick: “The grandness of this place cannot be overstated.” They sit down on some outdoor couches around the rose. Andi says it’s the most important rose so far. Brian is shocked that the rose is there already, and he’s freaking out a bit. I bet it goes to Nick. It’s the first hometown rose. SCARY!

Andi takes Chris aside and they walk into a pottery studio and throw some clay. They have a bit of a clay fight. Andi then picks up the rose. Why did he only take Chris aside? That’s weird. It’s either Chris or Nick. Oh! And whoever gets the rose continues on the date, and the rest of the guys go back to the hotel. So … they got to work their butts off riding a rail bike with her just sitting there, then they sit around while she offers the rose to one guy and the rest have to go back to the hotel? Lame-o. Chris: “I just went from Cloud Nine to Nervous Nancy.”

Dylan then pulls Andi away. She asks him who she’d meet if she went to his hometown. It sounds like all of these are planned ahead of time. When, though? When they’ve made it to a certain round? Chris says Nick is fake. It’s hard for him to stomach. Brian says he’s putting all his eggs in one basket. He tells her that he’s falling in love with her, and that he’s never said those words to anyone before. He says he’d be nervous to bring her home, but would be excited when they got there. He thinks he has a good shot at the rose. Nick says he’d lump Dylan, Brian, and Chris into the same category, they don’t matter. He can go down the list and tell that no guy is better than him.

The other three talk about how Nick is certain that he is going on the hometown dates. Brian says he could treat Andi much better than Nick could. Nick and Andi talk. Nick says he thinks Andi is falling for him. I think he might go to the end. He says that he wants to marry her. They can’t kiss because it’s sacred ground, which makes me wonder what she and Chris were doing in the pottery place.

Nick reminds me a bit of Jef from Emily’s season. All talk. All the marriage talk. But then is all LOOK AT ME I’M FAMOUS after the show is over. And then they break up. Two of the last three matches have gone well (Sean & Catherine, Desiree & Chris) so we’ll see if it’s three out of four with Andi. Though I guess (according to their Instagram feeds) Juan Pablo and Nikki are still together, but, well, I have no comment on that one. Nick also reminds me of Courtney from Ben’s season, who nobody liked but she made it to the end. So maybe Andi will pick Nick, who nobody likes. The former didn’t go well, I don’t have high hopes for the latter.

Andi then picks up the rose. She is nervous to disappoint three guys. It’s gonna be Nick. Yup. I win. Or, rather, Nick wins. This is awkward. Nick: “Andi gave me the rose and it was like telling me that she loves me.” Andi says bye to the other guys, who probably feel like crap. Nick: “This was a bold move by Andi. And I appreciate every minute of it.” The other three walk back disappointed. Chris: “The one guy that nobody here respects, he’s the one who got the rose.” Brian: “Nick plays the game well. He is a snake.” Side note, it looks hilarious to see all three big guys squeeze into one three-seat row.

Nick and Andi talk about how excited they are to be going to his hometown. They head to the city of Denant. Nick tells Andi how excited they are to go to his hometown. Nick got the first impression rose as well as the first hometown rose. Yea. The three guys get home to Josh and Marcus. They talk about how Nick has a game plan. They guess that he’s going to be one of the last two and will walk away. He has other intentions.

Andi tells Nick that she has a surprise for him. Fireworks! How stereotypical. I totally called it. Nick: “She just feels like my other half.”

Brian: “He’s a smart guy. He’s a damn smart guy.” Nick walks in while the other five are bad-mouthing him. He looks quite smug. The conversation comes to a halt. This is awkward. The guys then get into him. They tell them they don’t trust him and that he knows the the last couple seasons and is therefore using them to his advantage. Nick: “She’s my priority.” Chris: “She is? Or the game is?” The guys ask each other if they talk more about strategy than Andi. And that Nick is guessing what is going to happen and who the next bachelor is. The guys don’t think he is there for “the right reasons”. If there was a Bachelor drinking game, having a drink every time someone says “for the right reasons” would mean that everyone there would be shit-faced half-way through the show.

Nick: “I didn’t come here to be in a frat house. I don’t care what the other guys think. I’m pretty confident that I’m going to end up with Andi.”

Rose ceremony! The guys drive up to Château de la Hulpe. This is the last rose ceremony before the hometowns. Chris says he’ll be heartbroken if he doesn’t get a hometown date. Andi: “Not only are they falling in love, but I am, too.”

Josh pulls Andi aside and tells her how excited he is for her to come to his hometown. Chris says that the fourth rose is between him, Dylan, and Brian. Which means that he thinks, as I do as well, that Nick (obviously), Josh, and Marcus are guaranteed hometown dates. I think it’ll be Chris. Chris takes one last shot. Andi asks where they’d be going. Chris talks about his hometown, and tells Andi that he’s falling for her and therefore wants her to see where he’s from. He wants her to experience it with him.

I purposely didn’t read any spoilers, nor did I watch … is it Jimmy Kimmel? The one who predicts the final four, and the final one. He’s been right for the last few seasons, as far as I know. I watched the one where he was picking for Sean’s season, and he was dead on, with Catherine being the one at the end. I’d chosen Nikki from the beginning for Juan Pablo, but that was just becasue she was a paediatric nurse and I liked her from the get-go. And now I feel bad for her. But anyway, I don’t want spoilers. Though with Brad’s season, they showed previews for the whole season at the beginning of the first episode and they completely gave it away. Because they showed the “end” with a blond woman getting out of the car, just a glimpse of the back of her head. So the whole time I knew it would be a blond. So that kind of took the fun out of it, but oh well. I don’t know whose editing job that was, but that person didn’t make a very wise decision.

Ok! Rant over.

Dylan talks to Andi. I really don’t think he’s getting a hometown date. Nick wonders where he’ll fit in in the order of the hometowns. Brian is talking to Andi when Nick walks in and the camera man has to work fast to get out of the shot. Andi tells him he’s going to have a target on his back because he already has a rose. It’s so easy between these two. It’s not an awkward sit-down thing where the guy expresses his feelings but doesn’t even have any physical contact at all. So not the case with Nick & Andi. It’s all fun and flirty. Nick tells her that he doesn’t care if there’s a target on his back. I hope he doesn’t turn out to be a fame-whore douche. Sometimes he seems so sincere. He’s crying in his interview. That’s weird. For him. He leads her through a door.

Chris doesn’t know what Andi sees in Nick. Chris grabs Andi away before the rose ceremony. Andi says she’s worried, thinking that there’s a car waiting for him. But no, he just wants to make out with him. Andi: “You go, farmer.”

Chris Harrison then comes in and announces the rose ceremony. He takes Andi away to prep.

The guys walk into the ceremony. I’m pretty sure Dylan and Brian are going home. Which makes me happy, becasue they so deserve better. Like I said, Andi’s scary. Those two guys are sweethearts.

Ok. So Nick already has a rose. Andi compliments the guys and thanks them for being awesome, and says how honoured she is to go to their hometowns. “I’m not going to meet your family if there is not definitely that possibility.” She tells them that they all are great, but she is choosing those she has the best connection with. That being said, she picks up the first rose. SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC! Josh. SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC! Marcus. SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC! Chris.

Andi takes a few deep breaths. She looks very sad. Dylan leaves first. Andi can’t keep the tears back, and has a hard time catching her breath. Because Dylan is a great guy. “I deserve to fall in love again, I really think I do.” He doesn’t say that in an arrogant way, but in a hopeful way. This is the guy who had two siblings die of drug overdoses. He’s had it hard. I think it would be worse if he got a hometown date, as I don’t see him making it to the end, and he’d just get hurt more that way.

Next up is Brian. Andi is kind of a mess. “If she doesn’t get the guy that she deserves, I will be furious.” He hears the guys in the house laughing (not at him, just being happy they stayed) and it’s too much for Brian to handle. “That’s exactly what I want to hear right now.” Andi and the guys toast to hometowns.

Previews for next week! Families! Happiness! Drama! Can’t wait!

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