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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 8 … Hometowns!

It’s hometown week! Four are left. Who will be voted off Bachelorette Island tonight?

Milwaukee, Wisconsin! Nick’s hometown. They start out in a market, one of Nick’s favourite places. He puts a block of cheese on his head. Next they hit up a brewery. They apparently have a “Nick & Andi” brew. As they sit down, polka music starts to play. Nick drags Andi to the dance floor. Ok, I have to admit, I’m warming up to Nick a little bit. I really think he’s going to make it to the end.

Nick’s family is set up portrait-ready on the couch when Scarf Man and Andi walk in. He has 10? brothers and sisters. There are about 300 photos on the walls.

They head to Waukesha, Wisconsin where Nick’s parents live? I’m assuming it is right outside Milwaukee. Nick tells his family that she gave him the first impression rose, “probably because she felt bad for me”. Andi is freaking out becasue of Nick’s giant family. Nick says he can’t propose to Andi without her meeting his family. Nick’s sister Maria asks him if he loves her, and he says that he does, but he just hasn’t told her yet.

Maria then talks to Andi, and says doesn’t want him to go through heartbreak again. She tells Andi that this is the happiest she’s seen Nick in a long time. She says vulnerability can be the best and worst thing for a person, but if everyone walked around with their guards up, nobody would be happy.

Nick’s youngest sister, Bella, has some questions for Andi. “What do you like most in my brother?” Andi tries to explain that she and Nick have a mental connection. She is freaking adorable. “Do you truly love my brother?” Andi says she thinks Nick is amazing, and can see a future with him. Bella then talks with Nick, and she tells him that Andi said that she loves him.

Nick and his mom chat for a bit. She asks him if he can see spending the rest of his life with her. He says he has, but he hasn’t told her he loves her yet. She just wants to see him happy. He was so attentive to her as a mom, and thinks that he would make a great husband. He says that he’s willing to risk getting his heart broken by Andi.

Back in the living room, Andi is asked if she can name all the people in the pictures. “Jessica, Nick, Maria, Sarah, Sam, Jacob, Luke, James, Tressa, Olivia, and Bella.” Nick says he can’t wait for it to be just him and Andi. He says he misses Andi already. He doesn’t think of her as the Bachelorette, and just thinks of her as his girl.

Next up: Arlington, Iowa. Chris’s hometown. There are 758 people living in Arlington. She says there is a difference between being there and living there. When Andi sees Chris, she says, “He is hoooot!” He leads her into his house. It’s big. She’s impressed that he has a house, rather than a condo or an apartment, like she does. He has acres and acres of farmland. She’s impressed. Chris leads her to a … combine? She says, “You drive this?!” “He’s the hottest farmer ever.”

Chris offers to let Andi drive the tractor/combine thing. She loves it. Chris tells Andi who she is going to meet. He tells her, and then says he hopes that she’d be happy to live in Iowa. She says that she’s not as city as he thinks she is. A plane comes by with a message: “CHRIS LOVES ANDI!” Andi: “This is the most romantic thing anyone has ever done.”

They walk up to Chris’s parents’ place. There are hugs all around. Chris’s mom is adorable. Like the stereotypical loving, caring lady. I don’t know how to explain it. There are a lot of laughs. It comes out that Chris only wore underwear on school days. The ladies talk to Andi about Chris. All nice things. Andi says she’d love to have them as her sisters. Chris and his mom chat about whether or not Andi would like to live in Iowa. Chris’s mom says that she was born in the city and had never driven a tractor, but thought Chris’s dad was so attractive when he was working, that she embraced the life. She learned to drive a tractor, she raised four children on a farm. “There are no limits for a woman on a farm.” She tells Chris that they support him and they love him.

Chris’s mom then talks to Andi. Andi says she’s ready to find someone and to start a family in a few years. Chris’s mom tells Andi that they’d have beautiful children. Andi says she loves her career, but wants a family. Chris’s mom tells her that she can do absolutely anything she wants. “If you love somebody, you’re gonna make it no matter where you are.”

Andi: “Chris’s mom has a heart of gold.” They then play a form of hide and seek. Graveyard something. Andi finds Chris right away. Andi can’t say enough good things about Chris and his hometown and his family. Andi: “It took me a hometown to make me realize, this is a man who’s been in front of me the whole time.” Chris: “It felt like we both were falling in love.”

Josh’s hometown: Tampa, Florida! Andi says there have been up and down moments with Josh, so this should help figure things out. Josh takes Andi to a baseball diamond. He says it’s hard for him to come back to a ball diamond, as that’s his past. Andi hits a few good ones. She literally breaks a bat. He chases her around the bases. This is the first time he’s played in seven years. When he was growing up, baseball was his life. He wanted to make it to the hall of fame. But pro ball is hard on an athlete. He made it five years and realized his heart just wasn’t in it. His brother Aaron is getting ready for the NFL draft, training and such. Chris is excited to see his brother and the rest of his family. Andi is worried that the day is going to be all about Aaron and his upcoming draft into the NFL.

They head to Josh’s parents’ place. Their GIANT place. There are hugs all around. Josh has a hard time holding it together. Apparently there is another woman in Josh’s life: his dog. Aaron toasts to the evening and then tells his family about some NFL stuff. He played for Georgia as a quarterback. I don’t know what team that is, but I’m sure Noah knows.

Josh’s mom takes Andi aside and tells her that she can see that Josh is in love. Andi asks if it worries her that Aaron is going off to play in the NFL. Josh’s dad asks Andi if she’s willing to travel around to Aaron’s games; that she’d be marrying a family, not just Josh. His family is tight, and is very sports-oriented.

Andi then talks with Josh’s sister about traveling around to Aaron’s games, but understands that their family would come first, and that they obviously can’t spend every Sunday watching the games.

Josh talks with his mom about how much he loves Andi and wants to be with her. His mom says that he has put himself last for so long that he deserves to be happy, to have the best. She says she knows that her son is madly in love. Aaron then talks to Andi about how he’s ready to be on his own and that Josh can move on to his own family. They then go outside for a game of football. It’s hilarious.

I asked Noah if he knew who Aaron Murray was, and said something about him playing for Georgia. Noah asked if I thought he was stupid (in a funny sarcastic way) and said of course he knows who Aaron Murray is, and that he played for Georgia, but he can’t remember what team he got drafted to. Though he looked it up and said it was Kansas City and he should have known that. Noah has more sports knowledge than many announcers. He even corrects them if they say the wrong college for where a player played. I have basically no sports knowledge and I am completely ok with that.

Dallas, Texas! Marcus’s hometown. I think this guy is going home this week. Not because I don’t like him but because he’s so sweet. But maybe today will prove me wrong. He takes Andi on a day in his life. Marcus tells her that he is in love with her, but Andi is worried about catching up to his feelings. Which, you know, is a bit of a red flag.

Marcus leads her into a bar-type place. He tells her to drink up, because what he’s going to do will be better if she’s drunk. He then dresses up as a stripper and re-enacts their first date. Andi finds it very hot. Andi: “He is one of the hottest guys I have ever dated. Ever.”

Andi says she’s nervous to meet Marcus’s family. He tells her that he loves her and can’t wait for her to meet his family. Marcus’s family has gone through their struggles, but Andi is looking forward to meeting them, as nervous as she is.

Marcus & Andi head into Marcus’s mom’s place to meet his mom, his sister, his brother, and his niece and nephew. Marcus’s niece gives rainbow loom bracelets to Marcus & Andi. Marcus’s sister takes Andi aside. She says he’s always been a caretaker. That his brother was a father figure to him after their dad left. Marcus and his brother chat. His brother says that if they’re happy, he’s happy. Marcus tells his brother that he so appreciates him being there for Marcus after their father left.

Andi and Marcus’s mom chat about Marcus. His mom says that she’s surprised at how open Marcus has been. Marcus tells his mom that he’s so happy when he’s with her, and that he’s in love with her. “You brought home a very bright, intelligent, and beautiful girl.” She tells him that he has all her support and that she’s proud of him.

Marcus and Andi sit outside and he tells her again that he loves her. Andi says that Marcus could give her everything she wants. Marcus says this is the happiest he’s ever been.

I feel bad for the 3/4 of these guys who are going to be going home heartbroken. I don’t know why I’m so sensitive to their hurt this time around. Maybe I’m becoming an old softie.

The four guys walk up to Chris Harrison’s home. The date is April 23, 2014. They sit around Chris’s coffee table and he says they’re just waiting on Andi so he can tell everyone at once. The guys look pretty nervous. The doorbell rings and Chris welcomes Andi in. Everyone is sombre. Chris then mentions Eric Hill. He was paragliding in Utah a few days ago, but Chris learned this morning that he passed away. Chris wanted them all to know right away. Andi is a mess. Marcus walks out to the balcony and Andi follows him. Nobody says much of anything. They go back inside; Andi says that as tough as it is, they should all be in it together. The crew puts all of the cameras down, except one on the floor pointed at the living room, and comes in to comfort the guys and Andi. Andi is a complete mess because of her last conversation with Eric. She can’t believe that that was her last conversation with someone.

I wonder if Eric’s family is watching this. I cannot even imagine how hard this must be on them, whether they’re watching or not, to have their son’s death relived on the show. Though I’m glad this part was put in the show to honour Eric’s life. I don’t even know how to flow into the next part, but life does go on, doesn’t it?

Rose ceremony! (That exclamation mark seems so wrong right now.) Chris Harrison welcomes Andi. Chris asks Andi how she’s doing, and she says she’s hanging in there. She doesn’t know how to do the rose ceremony, she’s not prepared how to deal with it all at once. She doesn’t know how to be strong for them, but Chris tells her that they want to be strong for her.

Chris greets the guys. He says the week started out great, and that there are three roses to hand out tonight. Andi walks in, pretty much a mess, and talks about their loss and what has to happen next. She thanks them for sharing their families with her. She picks up the first rose and can’t handle it. She walks out sobbing. Chris Harrison follows and comforts her. Andi says she can picture exactly where Eric was standing. Chris tells her that she doesn’t have to be strong for everyone.

Andi calms down a bit and Chris leads her back in. They should all just sit around on a couch and Andi can let the going home guy down that way. Andi picks up the first rose and hands it to Josh. There isn’t any suspenseful music this time, just sombre notes. The second rose goes to Chris. This leaves Marcus and Nick, and I know Nick isn’t going home, which leaves Marcus. The one who proclaimed his love for Andi the most. She gives the third rose to Nick.

Andi walks Marcus out and they sit on a bench outside. He tells her that he doesn’t know what to say. She says that she knows that he could give her the world, but he’s falling in love with her and she isn’t there with him. She doesn’t want him to continue if she doesn’t see him at the end. She tells him that he’s done nothing wrong. She’s a complete mess. He says he wanted to be that guy for her. He doesn’t know what to do from this point on, as she was everything to him. So many tears. I think they all need a bit of a break after today. Marcus heads into the limo and Andi watches it drive away.

Marcus says he feels like an idiot. He shouldn’t have told her that he loves her. He was so excited to tell her how he feels and it blew up in his face. He believed in something that wasn’t there and now is being punched in the stomach over and over.

Next week! The Dominican! Fantasy suite dates! Drama with Josh again. Awkward moments with Marcus and Nick. Many tears from Andi.

If I could pick the best guy of the remaining three, it would be Marcus. I liked the other two more around their families than I did at any other point, but I think Marcus is the best one. Though at the same time, if he “wins”, I hope that Andi doesn’t eat him right up.

So! Next week! Let’s do this!

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