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The Bachelorette: Andi – Episode 8

Sorry I’m so tardy with this one. I went away for a week and apparently it’s taking me a bit to catch up. Anyway, three are left. Who will be voted off Bachelorette Island tonight?

The Dominican Republic! Chris, Nick, and Josh remain. Cue the Ode To Josh. All the Josh good moments and the Josh awesomeness. And then the Ode To Chris! And the Ode To Nick! I don’t know who I’d pick for her. It’s kind of like, who is best for her, but who is she best for?

It’s overnight week! Nick is up first. Andi asks him if he’s ever been in a helicopter before. He says no. They head into a helicopter, because there’s always a helicopter.

Andi and Nick head to a private island off the coast of the Dominican. I have mixed feelings about them being there. I mean, it’s BEAUTIFUL, but there are so many Haitian girls/children trafficked to the Dominican, and there is so much need there. My sister-in-law runs an organization called Hope Aglow, which exists to shine a light on human trafficking in the Dominican Republic. They partner with existing organizations in the Dominican. So, yea. Mixed feelings. Maybe the Bachelorette people could go and help out somewhere while they’re there? I dunno. ANYWAY.

Nick is questioned about his previous breakup, as his family said he didn’t take it well. He talks about his previous relationships a bit. After that, Nick tried to tell Andi that he loves her, but he is very nervous and kind of dances around the subject. They go snorkelling and check out some tropical fish.

They head to dinner on a couch, because there’s always a couch, isn’t there?! Nick asks Andi what her favourite part of the day was, to which Andi counters with asking him what his most embarrassing moment is. He can’t get his thoughts together. He then pulls out a story he wrote about them. He’s got a whole book and everything, complete with illustrations. He reads it to her while there are flashbacks to different spots in their relationship. Andi loves it. And there are blank pages at the end. More pages to fill.

Andi pulls out the fantasy suite card. Nick reads it. I highly doubt either of them would pass on this. Nick says he’s looking forward to talking her ear off all night. Nick pulls her away, I’m guessing to tell her how he feels. He takes her behind a tree and rambles for a while about things he loves about her and finally tells her that he loves her. Andi, obviously, is pretty stoked about that. They walk into the fantasy suite, away from the cameras for a whole night.

Next up! Josh! The plan is to go exploring. They check out the markets, and are offered an aphrodisiac. Josh tries it, thanks the people at the booth, and then Andi thanks them, in a suggestive way, everyone laughing. Next up is dancing in the square to a local band. Andi says she’s always a bit giddy around him.

Andi takes him to a ball field where some kids are playing. They join in, the kids are so excited. Andi can hit quite well. Josh is quite awesome with the kids, which Andi loves. They sit on a bench, sipping out of a coconut, and talk about the hometown date. Josh says he’s a little disappointed that she can’t tell him that she loves him, but he knows why she can’t.

Josh & Andi head to dinner at a table where they don’t really eat anything, do they? Andi wants to know if he’s ready to settle down and have a family and all that. Josh tells her how nervous he was to meet her the first time, that he was nervous that she’d judge him immediately for being an athlete. They talk about what kind of parents they’d be. They both want a family and a bunch of kids. He tells her that he loves her and wants a future with her, kids and all that. Josh seems to be the most charming of the three. I might place my bets on him.

Andi does kind of an asshole move after they make out for a while, and says that he’s too happy all the time or something like that. But they get through it and make out again. He says he can definitely see her as his wife. She then hands him the date card. It’s funny how they’re both hesitant to say that they want to go to the fantasy suite, and have to defend themselves and all that, instead of just being honest and saying they want to go there right now and do all the things that are done in the fantasy suite. They watch some fireworks and walk to the fantasy suite, where they hop in a pool while the camera pans out.

Chris’s turn! He shows up in a jeep thing. He says he’s glad how well the home-town date went and hopes that everything is even better going forward. Andi says that his family is one of the best she’s ever met, but she’s worried that things aren’t where they should be with Chris. Which, you know, I can see that. I don’t think they fit together well. I think Chris deserves better and Andi wouldn’t be happy on a farm. She wants to be a lawyer and didn’t react so well when Chris’s mom said something about being a farmer’s wife and having lots of babies rather than having a career. I dunno, I don’t see Chris lasting past tonight, even though he’s my favourite of the three remaining.

Andi & Chris head out on horseback. Andi is not a fan of horses. They kind of scare her. But she eventually gets the hang of it. They tie the horses to a tree and unpack a picnic lunch. Chris toasts to Andi, and her seeing his world last week. Andi tells Chris how much she loved spending time with his family. Chris says that his family prepared him for heartbreak. He also says that it’s hard on his dad to have him gone, to have his dad in charge of the farm by himself. Andi is worried that she and Chris aren’t at the stage where an overnight date is a good idea. She and Chris play a little game of hide and seek.

Dinner time! Chris wants to go to the fantasy suite so they can have some time together without the cameras showing, because he hopes that he and Andi spend the rest of their lives together. And surprise! There’s a couch for them to eat their dinner on.

Chris asks Andi where she’s at. She says that it was really awesome hanging out with his family and driving the tractor and all that, but is that everyday life? It’s a huge risk to take without knowing. Chris brings up her career and says he knows how much of a sacrifice it would be. But two people who truly believe that they belong together will make it happen. He’s willing to make sacrifices. She’s being a jerk. Distancing herself from him. She’s hinting that she doesn’t want to use the fantasy suite with Chris. He looks hurt, says he sees chemistry between them. He finds her irresistible. He says he’s in love with her and she looks annoyed. I kind of want to slap her across the face. She’s being an ass again.

She starts crying. She says she doesn’t feel the same things that he’s feeling. She can’t see herself in Iowa. She doesn’t see a foundation with them. I hope she lets him go tonight rather than at the rose ceremony. It’s not fair to him. She says she has more respect for him than to blame it on Iowa and such. She’s been through this and would rather be honest with him now than blame it on Iowa and if she brings up Iowa again I’m smack her. He says he’s incredibly disappointed. She says she feels like an idiot because she can’t reciprocate his feelings. She tells him all the things about him that are awesome and is sad that her heart and her head aren’t matching up. Chris tells her that it’s about her heart, that’s what she has to follow.

She then says she’ll walk him out. Kind of abrupt, but whatever. She’s not exactly tactful, is she? She cries and says she is sorry. Chris comforts her and tells her that she can’t control her feelings. He says she did the right thing. It wasn’t meant to be. He’s grateful that she told him now. They hug for a while, Andi says thanks for everything, and Chris heads to the limo. Andi is a mess. Chris says he didn’t see it coming. I’d vote him for the next bachelor, but maybe that would be too hard on his farm? He says he wants to find a girl who wants to be with him every day. In the limo he says, “What do I do? What the hell do I do?”

Andi has the weirdest wardrobe. Chris Harrison greets her and brings her to the hotel thing. She says her week was great, but hard because of Chris. CH asks Andi about Chris, and Andi says that taking Iowa out of the picture, she didn’t feel enough for him. She said he was so kind to her, which makes her respect him even more.

They discuss Nick. She brings up Nick’s breakup and all that. Why are we dwelling on this? She says that both Nick and Josh told her that they love her, and both are the whole package. Chris asks her if there are any concerns. Nick makes her feel serious, and passionate feelings. With Josh she’s wondering if there’s seriousness in him. She says she’s fearful for this next week, that it’s not going to end in a happy moment. Chris leaves to welcome the guys. Andi looks over a balcony with the wind blowing through her hair and her mumu.

Rose ceremony time! Nick arrives. He says he’s nervous, playing all the scenarios in his head. He says he thinks that he and Andi have an amazing connection. Josh says he’s always nervous before the rose ceremonies. The rose ceremony place is fantastic. Overlooking the ocean. I think this is the only outdoor one we’ve seen. The guys look confused when Chris heads down alone. Chris Harrison announces that Chris is no longer there. He says there is still going to be a rose ceremony. Andi and her mumu come down the stairs.

She picks up the first rose. I think the first guy will be the “winner”. Nick. He accepts. Josh. He accepts. Ok, maybe Nick won’t be the last man standing. I’m kind of thinking Josh is The One.

This coming week the guys meet her family. Josh is convinced that Andi will be Andi Murray. Nick wonders why Andi doesn’t just send Josh home so they can move on with things.

Anyway! Tonight! Since it took me too long to get this post up, and because Men Tell Alls are quite entertaining, I’m planning to post about tonight’s episode later tonight.

Who do you think the “winner” will be?

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