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The Bachelorette: Andi – Men Tell All

The Bachelorette’s Men Tell All! I love these episodes! This one, the last episode, and the After The Final Rose one are my favourites. So! Let’s get to it …

We’re starting out with Ashley & JP. I don’t remember if I watched Ashley’s season or not, but but I like her a lot. She seems like such a sweetheart. Ashley is very pregnant with her and JP’s first child, due October 7th. They’re moving because of a brutal winter (I can relate!) so they’re moving to Miami. I’m quite jealous. Not of Miami, but of being able to go outside year-round without getting frost bite. They apparently have family down there, but Chris says to them that the real reason they want to go there is to be closer to Juan Pablo, to which Ashley bursts out laughing.

Chris asks them about names, and JP admits that Ashley’s name will most likely trump his. Chris then states that a live ultrasound will take place, and they’ll find out the sex of their baby. A bachelor first! An ultrasound tech brings a machine. JP says that the sex of the baby doesn’t matter to him. The tech does his thing … says the fluid is really good … (ultrasounds are the neatest things, aren’t they?) … they’re having a BOY! I’m all teary, not because I know them at all, but because finding out the sex of the baby, whether during the pregnancy or at birth, is so exciting. The whole thing is exciting.

Coming up! Chris has the lie detector results. This should be interesting.

This summer! Bachelor in Paradise in Mexico! Is this the new Bachelor Pad? Should be nice and sleazy and filled with drama. Some of these people I like, some are creepy and have been on too many of the Bachelor shows. I might actually have to watch this messed up show. I’ve avoided Bachelor Pad like the plague, but maybe I’ll give this one a chance … maybe? Someone in an ambulance! Someone in handcuffs!

From the cast: Chris from Jillian’s season (so freaking creepy), Michelle Money from … I can’t remember whose season but I remember watching her, Graham (don’t remember him at all), and Sarah from Sean’s season are in the audience.

Carl, Brett, Andrew, Patrick, Bradley, Ron, Craig, Nick S, Tasos, JJ, Marquel, Cody, Dylan, Brian, Marcus, and Chris. They’re all wearing scarves. Whose I dea was that? Oh, and Chris Harrison has one as well. They lose the scarves, don’t worry. Chris says that he had an immediate attraction to her. Marquel says he has to have confidence to make it through. Nick S was intimidated by the other guys’ abs and said he planned to keep his shirt on the whole time.

First up! Marquel and racism. A statement was made by Andrew, “She kept the two black guys.” Ron says that he handled it like a gentleman. Andrew says something to Marquel but calls him “Ron”. Andrew is asked what was said that night. He’s denied saying it till now, but Chris Harrison says he has it on camera. The clip plays. Andrew definitely said something to JJ, but it was not mic’d. Andrew claims he said something like, “It’s been a long night,” but JJ says he heard something else. Andrew says that this allegation has affected his personal life and his job. Chris pipes up and tells JJ that if he had a problem with Andrew, he should have talked to Andrew about it rather then going around to other guys. The same about Andrew allegedly getting phone numbers from other women. Marquel tells Andrew that he is not attacking him, but he will never forget the attitude of racism. Andrew never said to Marquel that he was sorry he hurt Marquel. Marquel, Ron, and Andrew argue a bit. Marquel says it’s hurtful that he can’t get to the bottom of it, so he just needs to move on. Andrew says again that this issue is affecting his personal life and he wants to be friends with Marquel again.

Moving on! Marquel is joining Chris Harrison in the hot seat. I liked him on the show. He has a great sense of humour. JJ pipes up just as Chris Harrison is about to invite Marquel to the hot seat. He wants to say that he stands by his actions, but he did what he did because it was right. The guys call him on it. Brian says it would have meant more if he hadn’t said, “I could care less.” (To that I say, it’s actually “I couldn’t care less”, not “I could care less.” Just had to put that out there. Because if someone’s being a jerk and uses bad grammar, I will call them on it. Because I like being a jerk to jerks because I’m a jerk. Got that? Good.) … I guess that wasn’t really moving on, was it?

Now! Marquel joins Chris Harrison. A highlight video of Marquel is shown. Things seemed to be going well at first. But then he is sent home. He says he isn’t anything special, but he wants love. Chris Harrison asks Marquel what happened. Marquel responds that it started out great, that they had an immediate connection but he was friend-zoned. He takes some responsibility for it, but the reason he didn’t kiss her was because he didn’t think she wanted to kiss him. He didn’t know the other guys were kissing her so fast. Looking back, he would have made a stronger connection earlier. Apparently Marquel is joining Bachelor in Paradise this fall. This disappoints me. He might make a good Bachelor. Before he heads back to his seat, he throws some cookies into the crowd.

Next up in the hot seat is Marcus. He was the first one to tell Andi that he loved her. But he was sent home after the hometown dates. CH asks what he thinks was not there for her. Marcus says he doesn’t know what happened. He says he has mixed emotions about seeing Andi again. He doesn’t have any regrets about telling Andi he loves her. CH asks Marcus if he would be a good match for Bachelor in Paradise. Marcus, apparently, is also part of the BiP show.

CH: “America has fallen in love with Chris.” Chris enters the hot seat. A recap of Chris & Andi is played. Chris tells CH that he did everything he could, wishes he had more time with her. To find love again, Chris doesn’t know what he will do. He’s going to go on with life and be the best person he can be. A lady in the audience calls out to Chris, comes down from the audience, and introduces herself. She’s Canadian, and asks Chris if he thinks he can find love in Iowa. CH asks the girl if she wants to date Chris. She says yes. CH offers the two of them if they’d like to have a speed date, but she has to be gone by the time the commercial is over.

CH announces that he’s going to open the lie detector results. Brian looks very surprised.

Back from the commercial break and Chris & the girl are still talking. She’s from Toronto. She hands Chris her phone number and heads back to the audience. Back to the show. CH calls Andi out. She says she’s never had so many exes in one room. CH asks Chris if he has any questions for Andi. Chris asks what changed in her mind from the hometowns. She tells him that she didn’t have enough of a foundation. She says he is so kind that she didn’t want to do the fantasy suite if she wasn’t keeping her around.

Marcus asks her if it freaked her out that he shared his feelings so quickly. She says to Marcus that she just couldn’t catch up to his feelings for her. Cody tells Andi that she didn’t get to see the real Cody. Andi lets him know that she wishes she’d been told earlier that she wasn’t the one, because having it happen at a rose ceremony would be too harsh.

It goes back to Marquel. He wants to know why they didn’t get out of the friend zone. She says there wasn’t a romantic connection. He asks her if she was too scared to kiss him, but he turns the question around on her to which he says, “I didn’t know that the guys were kissing you so soon!” Andi bursts out laughing. Andi: “I didn’t kiss that many people, did I?”

Nick S says that the time he had with her, she had her wall up. She says it was never a burden for her to open up to the guys.

CH then introduces Chris Bukowski (sp?). He’s the one who tried to get into the mansion to meet Andi. He’ll be on Bachelor in Paradise. Yay! (So creepy.)

Andi is asked a question as soon as they get back from commercial break. CH: “I read a story. So, are you or aren’t you?” Chris: “You’re pregnant. We have an ultrasound technician right here, so are you or aren’t you?” Andi says she is NOT pregnant. CH asks her what she thinks when she reads stuff like that. Andi responds that it is surreal, it’s crazy how much stuff is made up. She has to laugh, she can’t take it so seriously.

CH opens up the lie detector results. The guys on the date were: Brian, Marcus, JJ, Chris, Dylan, and Josh. Three men told no lies: Brian, JJ, and Chris. Three men did lie: Marcus, Dylan, and Josh. Awkwaaaaard. Marcus lied about sleeping with fewer than 20 women. Dylan says he lied about liking brunettes, and about being ready for marriage. Now Josh: He lied about two things. Andi says she doesn’t want to know. (I would want to know!)

And now a secret. Everyone thinks that Andi came to meet 25 amazing guys, but we now know why she really came on the bachelorette: She wanted her own bloopers.

Now bloopers! I can’t even describe them. If you haven’t seen this episode, check out the bloopers. Highlights of Nick and Josh, the final two, are shown. The final episode is next week, and the week after that is Bachelor in Paradise. Woo!

Ok, so, most people I’ve talked to have chosen Josh as the “winner”. Let’s see if we’re all correct …

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