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Blogging is so 2017

Well, this post is anyway. It’s funny, I think of this blog often, I just forget to write on it. I have posts written in my head that never hit my keyboard. I have drafts started and never finished. It all used to come so easily, multiple posts a week. Social media ruined it all, I suppose.

So, my dad was here this past week/end and it was so good to have him. We visited, we played games, we went to the museum, we watched the fireworks.

Papa's visit

He fixed my car. And he took away my nerf bullets. He said I was shooting Noah too much so he took them away. A parent is never done parenting. He also bought me beer. I know one’s parent is supposed to buy one beer when one is underage, not 33, but I was too busy being pregnant when I was underage, so we went with the beer now.

I felt really bad yesterday morning when we woke up to a temperature of -41°C. It’s not exactly what one would choose for a visitor to experience.

This weather, though, I think I’ve finally come to accept it. I don’t like it, but it is what it is. If I’m going to be at peace about living here, I’m going to have to be at peace with being outside in frigid temperatures. Like the -42°C this morning. But that doesn’t mean I want my guests experiencing them.

Dad left yesterday evening and routine starts up again tomorrow. Noah returned to work this morning after 10 days off. It was so good to have him home during that time. On the days I had to work, it was really weird leaving him and the kids at home while I worked. He makes a good house husband though, a vast improvement on my (lack of) housewife skills.

I’ve been thinking about my new year’s resolutions for the last couple days and have a few goals for myself, but one is always the same, and has been since 2012. I want to read a book each week and finish 52 by the end of the year. I have a list of all the books I’ve read for the last five years. There are a lot of repeats. I love Rainbow Rowell and J.K. Rowling and Suzanne Collins and tend to go to them often. I’m likely reading through the Harry Potter series again this year, as Noah got me the illustrated Philosopher’s Stone and Chamber of Secrets as anniversary gifts last year and they’re so beautiful. I can’t wait to go through them.

So anyway, the most books I’ve read in a year has been 22. Three out of the last five years I’ve hit 22. I just can’t beat it. I tried in December, I really did. And I kind of cheated by adding the 22nd one. Liliana and I have been reading through the Harry Potter series and we read 744/766 pages so I counted it. We just didn’t make it and I didn’t want to carry it over to 2017. We finished the book on New Year’s Day.

I’ve been into autobiographies lately and can’t get enough of them. I’m currently reading Andi Dorfman’s book It’s Not Okay. I’ve read all of the Bachelor books that have come out and I love them all so much. It’s so fun reading behind-the-scenes stories. I already have a list a mile long of books I want to read this year, but I want to add more to it. To make it a solid 52.

I always feel bad when someone recommends a book and I just can’t get into it. My latest attempt was Unbroken by Lauren Hillenbrand. I couldn’t get past all the airplane talk. Tell me about the sharks! I tried three times to read it but I don’t want to fight with a book. I want to be drawn in, I want to want to read on. I just finished Carrie Fisher’s book Wishful Drinking and I couldn’t get enough of it.

Do you have any resolutions? Do you have any book recommendations, especially autobiographies?

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  • Louise Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 5:45 pm

    I read a book recently called Just Another Indian , A serial Killer and Canada’s Indifference. I had never heard of the murdered women or their tragic stories. It’s disturbing but important to read. I special ordered it from the library.
    Sorry don’t know the author.
    Love reading your blog Jen.

  • Lisa Tuesday, January 3, 2017, 7:03 pm

    That book was written by my Mom’s cousin, Warren Goulding. I might have a copy of it somewhere…

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