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Boys speak in rhythm but girls just LIE . . . do do do do

Roller coaster days are cool. But not really. I was having a sweet day yesterday and then found out some really crappy news but I didn’t want to deal with it at the moment so I just put it aside. A bunch of us went to Regina to see a show – Anberlin, Noise Ratchet, Number One Fan, and Mourning September – and it was super fun. Jesse and I were embarrassing our significant others by yelling obscene comments out the windows of the car – telling people that they were attractive, that maybe it might be an idea to wear a helmet next time, froot booter – you know, just trying to help people out in their journey through life. Noah and Heidi didn’t like that very much I guess. Man, where’s their sense of humour!!! Eventually, though, I had to confront what was bothering me and it just made the whole night kind of crappy, missed most of the show but found out that I have the greatest most understanding boyfriend in the whole world. Seriously, I have no idea why God has chosen to bless me so significantly but he has and I can’t say that I’m complaining! Anyway, I am really hoping that we do not have a quiz in my Gospels class because we’ve had one three days in a row and I did not do today’s reading – maybe next time. I’ll stop procrastinating tomorrow – I swear!!

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