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breaking gender stereotypes


Liliana had her ballet recital on Sunday afternoon, which means, to her, that she now has permission to wear her butterfly costume whenever she wants, whereas before it had to sit in the closet untouched while she asked daily, “Can I wear my butterfly costume?” and we answered, “What did your ballet teacher say?!”

It was pure torture for her.

So, Monday morning, what did she put on when she was told to get dressed? Her butterfly costume, of course. The boys, being typical “little brothers”, wanted to wear what she was wearing. They wanted wings too.

butterfly boys

I love that they’re at the age where gender stereotypes do not matter a bit to them. They want wings, so they’re going to wear wings. While hitting balls around the house with hockey sticks. And racing cars. And racing baby strollers.

They don’t care if the wings are pink, they don’t care if the strollers are “girl toys”. They care that the wings are wings and that the strollers have wheels and are perfect for racing. And playing bumper-strollers. And holding all their cars and balls.

I sure love those two little butterflies.

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  • Becca Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 11:19 am

    Carus is dying to wear her dance costume too, just a few more weeks until her recital and then I wouldn’t be surprised if she wore it every day the rest of the summer.

    Preston looks so adorable in those wings!

  • Ashley S Wednesday, June 5, 2013, 9:17 pm

    I LOVE that you’re a Mom who lets her boys (and girls) be whomever and whatever they want! They’re some seriously cute butterflies!