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catching my breath by THIS PROVIDENCE

Noah played this song for me and I thought it was great for anyone who is struggling with their relationship with God like I am – it just says it all

i’m finding it hard just to breathe without your breath of life / i’m finding it hard just to breathe in you / i can’t breathe / can’t you see that i’m suffocating? / are you here with me now? / everyone keeps telling me how you’re the air i breathe and everyhing i need is in you / i’m one step away from another bad decision and i’ve already made up my mind / ’cause i’ve strayed so far away from the air that i breathe and i’m suffocating / where am i? / i can’t see a thing / and where are you? / i can’t hear your words resounding / “don’t let go, don’t you let go” / i’m getting swept off my feet / not by the wind but by the waves that drown me / why didn’t it occur to me that your love runds deeper than my moods or reservations? / and all my stupid lines like / “i’m just not in the mood for this” / i once was blind but now i see you’re breathing your life into me / so i’ll swollow all my pride / take a deep breath and fall at your feet / so this is breathing / breathe in you

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