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Birthday Letters


Dear Liliana, You turned 10 this year. Double digits! You've been looking forward to your birthday for some time now. You love celebrating, and on April 25 we celebrated ten years with you. You had your party a couple weeks after your birthday and you had so much fun with your friends Evelyn and Layla ... read more →


Dear Preston, Today you turn six years old. I'm so overwhelmed with how fast these past six years have gone. I have enjoyed parenting you every day of your life. Five has been so much fun. Every day you are a blessing to me. You light up the lives of me, your dad, and your ... read more →


Dear Kaylie, Today you turn fifteen years old. Do you know what this means? Your dad and I have only three more years to mould you into a responsible adult, a functional member of society. So far so good, I think, but three years should be just enough time to finish the process, right? You ... read more →


Dear Liliana, Today you turn nine years old. Nine! Wasn't I just writing your sixth birthday letter? Did you not just finish preschool? I've never met a person who loves life more than you do. You fill each day with as much joy as you can. You love your siblings. You are so excited when ... read more →


Dear Preston, Today you turn five years old. I can't believe that you, my son, are already five. My curly redhead. My boy. My baby. You are an early riser. You're not allowed out of your room before there's a seven on your clock and you're not allowed out of your bed until there's a ... read more →