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Birthday Letters


Dear Liliana, Happy eighth birthday! We are so blessed to have you as part of our family. You have never been boring for a single moment in your life. You are a firecracker, and we love you for that. You are a compassionate girl. You even care about bugs; you don't want them squished or ... read more →


Dear Preston, Today you turn four years old. It seems like you were just born, but I can't remember life without you. You are the best gift your dad and sisters and I could ever receive. You are an affectionate little dude. You love kisses and hugs and sitting right close to me with no ... read more →

Dear Liliana, I am writing this nearly six months after your seventh birthday. I’m not exactly sure why it took me so long to write, but it’s probably because you’re so extraly special that I didn’t know how to fit everything into one post. You are kind, compassionate, thoughtful, inquisitive, intelligent, and sensitive. You are ... read more →


Dear Kaylie, You turned 13 on Saturday. Usually I have your birthday letter ready on the day of your birthday, but since I spent four days this past week driving you to and from Red Deer, I hope you'll forgive me for writing it two days late. You are officially a teenager, which is really ... read more →

Preston’s Third Birthday Letter

Dear Preston, Today is your third birthday. I know it's lame to say it, but I can't believe you're already three. You've been excited for your birthday since your buddy Kesler had his birthday party. Ever since then, you've wanted a "birsday pauty". Though today you didn't want it to be your birthday and you ... read more →