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the garden project

mosquito garden

It's so cold out today. I tried to start clearing my garden and didn't get very far. The cold, how I loathe the cold. We had a cold summer, too. It's no wonder things didn't grow well. I wouldn't say that I've had a successful garden this year. Or, maybe I'll call it 50% successful ... read more →

The Garden Project: 2016

This year's garden didn't start out so great. I sent seeds to my friend Kathy, who grew them to a beautiful stage. Then I left them outside too long to harden and I killed most of them. A few peppers survived, as well as a couple tomato plants and a couple cucumbers and a couple ... read more →

baby, it’s warm outside

It was 20°C on Saturday. It was my favourite day all year so far. I can't believe we were wearing t-shirts OUTSIDE. The most exciting things about the weekend, though, were these: MY TULIPS STARTED COMING UP and THERE ARE BUDS ON THE TREES. I'm beyond stoked. I love spring so, so much. It gives ... read more →

the one with the real camera

I used to use it all the time, my "real" camera. It's the only thing that was around when I started blogging back in 2004. Well, actually, I had a film camera back then. I got my DSLR in the winter of 2007, which makes it basically ancient, especially as I wasn't its first owner ... read more →

The Garden Project: 2015

My friend/coworker Kathy texted some garden stuff to me the other day and now my excitedness for the upcoming gardening season has been restored. It's hard to believe summer exists when it's -40°C and snow covers the ground. But planning my garden gives me hope. Last year's garden was abysmal. I had some incredibly-stressful work ... read more →