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the garden project

how to make pickled dilly beans

It's always a treat for me to harvest from my garden all the ingredients I need for a recipe, in this case beans, dill, and garlic. As I said previously, I was pleasantly surprised that there was something in there I could use already. Planting late has made me envious of everyone who actually planted ... read more →

So, this year I planted my garden much later than I usually do. I had planned to do it May Long, but was up to my eyeballs in design work. I didn't get my head above water till the end of June, at which point I planted slowly because I was completely burned out and ... read more →

This past weekend Noah told me I wasn't allowed to do anything, as it was a yearly personal milestone of which I do not wish to speak about. I was to do work, no chores, nothing. He said he'd do all of it. And he did. And I didn't leave the house once on Saturday ... read more →

the case of the mystery squash

Last year I harvested a single pumpkin. One. We technically had two that made it past the size of a golf ball, but one grew on the other side of the fence and got stolen. I harvested the seeds, dried them, and kept them for planting this spring. I planted three pumpkin plants that are ... read more →

Monday was a holiday here in Canada. I don't think there is anything I love more than holiday Mondays. I don't feel dread creeping in on Sunday evening, and who doesn't like a three-day weekend? I mean, it's not like I work a day job, but having Noah home for three days instead of two ... read more →