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Grace in Small Things #97

1. I was having a bit of a down day and Noah did everything he could to make it better. Ending in him getting me 5¢ candies which are apparently now 10¢ candies. Inflation! They're delicious. I think my favourites are the sour soothers. 2. Preston and Liliana are currently having a sleepover in Preston's ... read more →

Grace in Small Things #96

 1. There are two things I love about winter: blue sky and hoar frost. The two together? Perfection. 2. For the six weeks preceding the new Star Wars movie, the kids and I watched one of the first six episodes each week. It's so fun to enjoy something with them. We went to see The ... read more →

Grace in Small Things #95

1. Many of you already know this, but every November 30th, Noah stays up till midnight, the moment December 1st starts, and starts decorating for Christmas. This year was no exception. Though I have to admit that I think we're getting too old for it. I was so tired I could barely stand up straight ... read more →

Grace in Small Things #94

1. Winter held off till November 18. And then it came. And here it shall remain till mid April. Last year winter began a full two months before "winter" began, so this fall has been exceedingly excellent. I shall cherish it always. 2. For some reason we're already done our Christmas shopping for the year ... read more →

Grace in Small Things #93

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets are now available. All three of my kids are Star Wars nuts, so all four of us are going. We're quite excited. We go through cycles on our movie nights: Harry Potter to Star Wars to Harry Potter to Star Wars. Sometimes something random, probably Disney, thrown in ... read more →