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Blogging is so 2017

Well, this post is anyway. It's funny, I think of this blog often, I just forget to write on it. I have posts written in my head that never hit my keyboard. I have drafts started and never finished. It all used to come so easily, multiple posts a week. Social media ruined it all ... read more →

the one with all ten years

my heart is yours to fill or burst to break or bury or wear as jewellery which ever you prefer So, ten years ago, this happened. We had a wedding. We got married. It was a joyful day. A day shot on film. I've written this post about a hundred times but I can't get ... read more →

the one with the real camera

I used to use it all the time, my "real" camera. It's the only thing that was around when I started blogging back in 2004. Well, actually, I had a film camera back then. I got my DSLR in the winter of 2007, which makes it basically ancient, especially as I wasn't its first owner ... read more →

Five Years in Saskatoon

Five years ago on Wednesday we moved to Saskatoon. Kaylie was 8, and Liliana 3. Preston was non-existent. It feels like the move happened forever and ever ago. So, SO much has happened since then, both completely awesome and completely awful. I came here kicking and screaming, not wanting anything to do with the place ... read more →

So, here's the thing. Sometimes I need a little bit of iPhone Babysitter time, and sometimes Preston's iPhone (aka my former phone with a shattered screen) is not available. So I hand him my phone for a little bit of SSSHHHHH. He knows how to switch profiles in the Netflix app, but he doesn't always ... read more →