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“spring” break

In my girls' school district, Spring Break is not two weeks in March, but rather it's split between a week in February (obviously not spring) and a week in April. I had some plans for this week, but they fell through due to loss of a vehicle (it's not lost lost, just not in use ... read more →


Preston has quiet time for an hour or so every afternoon, something that came into effect for our younger two when they stopped napping. The time Preston is allowed out of his room is 3:00. For the last year or so this has been the case. This week, however, he's been coming out saying, "Dere's ... read more →

Mum, what is a water break?

As we were driving home from school the other day Liliana said to me, "Mum, I don't want to have kids." I thought this odd since she's been asking questions about getting married and having kids for as long as I can remember, like, how does one go about finding a boyfriend/husband? and how does ... read more →

things Liliana said: part II

While driving home last night, Liliana told Kaylie and me about the process the sun will one day go through, things like the lakes and rivers and oceans evaporating, then freezing, and how the sun would shrink and grow cold. Or something like that. She learns these things in the encyclopaedias she reads. For fun ... read more →

You know, I've been going back and forth on this blogging thing for the last couple years. Do I keep it up? Or do I give it up? What is the point of it? I miss the blogging that existed before Facebook and before Twitter and long before Instagram. When we told stories rather than ... read more →