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parenting is hard

baby soft

I get in my head a lot. I work in an office by myself, and though I'm often in and out, and sometimes people come in, I do spend the majority of my day sitting in a quiet state. Sometimes I'll put on music, but I'm not much of a music person. Diametrically opposed to ... read more →

What baby book?

So here's the thing. I'm a horrible recording-the-milestones parent. Liliana brought a school paper home with questions like when she took her first step, when she spoke her first word (and what it was), when she could write her own name, etc. I wrote down none of this. I did, however, write down that at ... read more →

the end of an era

We're sitting on the couch, Preston and me. He's playing with his cars, driving them back and forth. He hops up to his feet and walks over to me. He pulls at the collar of my shirt and tries to bury his head in my chest. He wants to nurse. I gently tell him "no" ... read more →

So, sometimes I don't completely understand or read things properly. Like when I was playing Scategories the other night and completely misread more than one (or two or four) of the clue things and my answers may or may not have been completely and totally off. So when now, lately, everyone's been talking about the ... read more →

the one with the sister

When I was growing up, my mom often called me "Trix". Sometimes "Yvonne", "Ellie", or "Daisy". She called me by the names of her sisters, especially when she was around or had just talked to one of them. I keep calling Kaylie "Erica", and Erica "Kaylie". It's messing with my head. I even called Kaylie ... read more →