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parenting is hard

I really should not have gotten out of bed this morning. The moment I opened my eyes, I knew the day was going to suck. Sometimes I can just feel it, okay? You can call me pessimistic, but I'll just throw you in my five-foot-high snowbank. As I was driving Kaylie to school, I felt ... read more →


I haven't been sleeping well. I've been short with the kids. I've been kind of stressed. I've been getting overwhelmed too easily. I've been hiding in my room as soon as Noah is home from work. Part of this is due to my anxiety/depression, part of this is due to the new meds I'm on ... read more →


So, we survived the 10 days of four kids. Barely, but we made it. Sunday afternoon Kaylie went to a friend's place and we had just two kids at home. It was so weird. And quiet. Ish. Melissa came to pick Kesler up on Sunday morning and he was SO. EXCITED. He pointed to his ... read more →

i’m blaming it on the snow

It's snowing. For real. See? (10-second video is silent) I knew it was coming. Schmutzie said that it snowed in Regina yesterday, and I knew it would trickle up here. Liliana was SO. EXCITED. "It's snowing! I'm so happy that it's snowing! Did you know that a season lasts for a long, looooooong time?" And ... read more →

anywhere but here

January is severely kicking my butt. I visited with a friend yesterday -- who also suffers from depression that is worst in January -- and it was so good to talk with her and find that we are so similar in our crazy, meaning that I'm not the only one who's, as she put it ... read more →