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how to make pickled dilly beans

It's always a treat for me to harvest from my garden all the ingredients I need for a recipe, in this case beans, dill, and garlic. As I said previously, I was pleasantly surprised that there was something in there I could use already. Planting late has made me envious of everyone who actually planted ... read more →

cinnamon buns

Noah bought me the Pioneer Woman's cookbook a few years back and as much as I've been loving the other recipes, the one for cinnamon rolls is my favourite and most-used one. I've been asked for the recipe numerous times, so I figured I'd post about it. I'll admit a few things bother me about ... read more →

speculaas cookies

The Christmas season started as it usually does in our house: at 12am on December 1st. I think this might be the last year we do this tradition, though. Now that the kids are older, maybe we'll do it the evening of December 1st, rather than the early morning. Also, because we're old and midnight ... read more →

Monday was a holiday here in Canada. I don't think there is anything I love more than holiday Mondays. I don't feel dread creeping in on Sunday evening, and who doesn't like a three-day weekend? I mean, it's not like I work a day job, but having Noah home for three days instead of two ... read more →

how to make raspberry jam

Noah took Liliana raspberry picking the other day and came home with two big ice cream pails full of raspberries. We've eaten loads of them, but Noah requested I also make something with them, maybe jam? I've never made jam before. I canned (tomato sauce) for the first time last year with Kami, and then ... read more →