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So, when we were at Lisa's cabin a week and a bit ago, we had s'mores. Because you can't be at the lake and not have s'mores. We made them over a fire, obviously, but when we got home, there were extra ingredients. So what's a girl to do? Make (s')more, that's what. I'm not ... read more →

Clean Apple Cinnamon Protein Pancakes

In an effort to improve my mental health, I've been working to improve my physical health in hopes that the latter will help the former. I've been running, I've been working out, and I've been eating better. I'm not always awesome at doing all three, as I'm super-awesome at being self-sabotaging and self-destructive. I'm trying ... read more →

Noah was at his parents' place Sunday night for a Super Bowl party, so it was just me and the kids at home, which meant that, during dinner, we had a picnic in the living room and watched a movie. I posted this recipe on my old blog just over two years ago, and I ... read more →

roasted broccoli is my new candy

So, in keeping with this whole wanting-to-start-running-again thing, I figured I should start fueling my body with things that aren't Wunderbars and mini marshmallows. *weeps* Venessa and I were at Costco the other day and I saw a giant bag of broccoli and remembered something about someone on twitter (Bethany, I think) saying that roasted ... read more →

nutritious toddler muffins

BABIES! My little turdball buddies bring so much laughter and noise and fun and destruction to my house. (Yesterday alone, while I was making their lunch, they shattered my laptop screen and emptied a package of wipes.)(And in the evening, Preston dumped pop all over himself and the couch.) They love to eat, but sometimes ... read more →