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1. Read more 2. Write more 3. Run more 4. Love more 5. Give more And maybe eat a little less chocolate ... read more →

church in wine country

Two and a half years ago I accepted the role of Technical Director at the church my family and I attend. Among other things, the job involves sitting in the tech booth every Sunday morning. This means that I do not get to sit with my family. This is particularly frustrating in times like Christmas ... read more →

David vs Bowser

Read the story of David and Goliath tonight. Or, Dave and the Giant Pickle. At the end, Preston told me that just as God helped David beat Goliath, he could help him defeat Bowser ... read more →

Grace in Small Things #94

1. Winter held off till November 18. And then it came. And here it shall remain till mid April. Last year winter began a full two months before "winter" began, so this fall has been exceedingly excellent. I shall cherish it always. 2. For some reason we're already done our Christmas shopping for the year ... read more →

likely culprit

I heard a commotion coming from the living room, deducing that it was the work of my youngest child. Me: "Preston, are you being a turd?" Preston, in a matter-of-fact tone: "Um, yup!" At least he's honest ... read more →