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Cows With Guns

If I had a list of the ten best things in life, seeing old friends would be one of them. I hung out with a couple of my friends tonight that I hadn’t hung out with in quite a while and while it was refreshing, it was also a challenge. I have pretty significantly changed my lifestyle since then and it’s kinda funny talking about old times and hard resisting the things I used to do. It’s worth the temptation though to see and talk to them again. Man, good times had.

There are some people in this lifetime that you just click with and it’s so cool. I doesn’t matter what sex they are and it doesn’t matter how many or how few times you’ve hung out together, you just click and it’s just awesome. I realized tonight just how much your friends influence who you are. You do what your friends do – no arguments. True, you can hang out with them and not do what they do but in reality, the people you hang out with every day shape who you are.

I’ve been blessed this summer with awesome friends who are a very good influence on me and who I love hanging out with because they don’t lead me to do things that I would otherwise be tempted to do. Though I’ve appreciated them, I haven’t as much as tonight. Without them I might be swaying a bit from God’s path and I do not want to do it. It’s just strange the effect friends can have on you to do things that you know aren’t right but they make them seem okay. Anyway, one of those awesome friends, who I am so thankful for, is on his way here right now so I’d better jet. God is soooo cool!

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