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Dear Liliana,

Happy eighth birthday! We are so blessed to have you as part of our family. You have never been boring for a single moment in your life. You are a firecracker, and we love you for that.

You are a compassionate girl. You even care about bugs; you don’t want them squished or killed because it’s not fair to them, it’s not kind. Sometimes you can be unkind to your siblings, but I know you’re working on that.


You love My Little Ponys so, so much. For your birthday, all your presents were Ponys and you couldn’t be happier about it. Your room is full of them, and I’m pretty sure they’re the only things you play with. I do my best to remember the difference between ponies and unicorns and pegasuses and alicorns.

You are terrified of running water and of natural disasters. The latter is your greatest fear, isn’t it? You love winter because there’s fewer natural disasters that can happen in winter. Snow is coming down pretty hard right now and I think it’s Mother Nature’s gift to you.

This kid. Books over breakfast. Books over everything.

You love to read. You started reading when you were three and you haven’t stopped since. You prefer books with pictures in them, but your reading level is high enough that you should probably be reading more difficult books. We’ll have to try harder to find some that have at least a few pictures in them. Your teacher says that you are the best reader in your class, and that she’s never seen a kid read aloud like you can. You got to lead the liturgy a few months back because of this.

You love school and you love learning. Big Papi and Miss Sue gave you a set of Childcraft books when they moved; you love to read them and then tell us about what you learned. Your memory is incredible. You remember everything you read. You’d read far into the night if sleep wasn’t so important.

Tonight's bedtime story? A Minecraft manual. Sounds incredibly dull, but they both love it.

Minecraft is your favourite game on your iPod. You would play it for hours if we let you (which we sometimes do). You and Kaylie play together often. Preston is even learning to play it. You bought yourself a set of Minecraft books that you love to read. Your brother even likes to listen to you read them. You brought one to school the other day because you wanted to read some of it to your class, and you were excited that you got to do that.

You saved up for a whole year to buy your iPod. You have incredible self-control when it comes to things like that. Last year you gave up candy for lent and a few times I offered it to you, not even thinking, you denied it, reminding me that you were not eating it. You didn’t falter once.

I'm letting them use my sharpies and colouring pages. This is huge for me. But they're loving it. 😊 🎨💜

You love when your sister plays with you. She doesn’t play with toys very often, so when she plays with you it’s a special time for you. You like to be included in anything Kaylie is doing.

You really enjoy playing video games with Kaylie and dad and Preston. Plants vs Zombies is your current favourite. Like your brother, you also live Mario games, specifically Mario Party.


Brynlee is your best friend. The two of you have your good days and bad days, but you love being together. When she comes over, you guys change immediately into your dance costumes and put on nail polish.

I can’t remember what life was like before you, but I do know the last eight years have been my favourite. You are an incredible and unique human being, and I’m so happy to have you for my daughter.

I love you, you goober.


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  • Meg Saturday, April 25, 2015, 10:48 pm

    Happy, happy birthday, to Lili! I love to hear that she is such a reader :)

  • Lily Lau Tuesday, May 5, 2015, 12:40 pm

    Happy birthday, Little Pony girl! Eight already? :D

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