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I’m gonna be honest. I’m not really feeling the blog vibe lately. I haven’t been writing, I haven’t been reading. I’ve stared at the blinking curser thing every day, and every day nothing comes. Not a word.


on the run

It was a toque morning.

The girls walking to the van after Liliana's first full day of Kindergarten. It went well! Kaylie dropped her off and picked her up and they didn't kill each other!

Liliana is loving kindergarten, besides the one day as we were heading out the door and she said to me, “Mama, my days at school are really long.” Which, they are. Her pre-kindergarten days were just under three hours, with lunch eaten at home after school. Her days now are 6.25 hours, and she stays there for lunch. She is loving it, though, and is not a fan of the days she does not have school.

Although it is weird having her gone so long, I kind of like the days when she’s at school all day because I don’t have to tell anyone to BE QUIET THE BABIES ARE SLEEPING.

Had to wake the super-napping babies from their 2-hours-so-far naps to pick the girls up from school. Neither baby was too happy about the situation. :(

couch jumpers

My little buddies in my rear-view kid mirror. Watching Backyardigans while we wait for the girls. (Note: the vehicle is in park.)

trucks. lots of trucks. #latergram





I’ll climb out of this blogging funk. I know I will. I’m hoping that going to Blissdom in October will ignite a few sparks and inspire me again. Because right now I feel a bit burnt out, which has only a bit to do with blogging and a bit to do with the craziness of September, which will not end when September ends, as when October hits we’ll have a 10-night sleepover with Kesler, Thanksgiving, Noah going away for four days for work, me going away for four days, and then October has only a week left and we’re into November, and HOW DID THIS HAPPEN?!

These are all good things, all things I’m looking forward to (yes, even having four kids for 10 days)(I’m totally convinced Noah and I could have handled twins), but wow, time is going by way too fast. Sunrises make it worth it, though. I get to see one every morning.


Good morning!

And a sunset every evening.

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  • Meg Saturday, September 29, 2012, 4:29 pm

    I am hoping to see you in November!
    I am totally not surprised that Lili loves kindergarten.