even if you think the earth is flat

One of my jobs (you can never have too many!) is cleaning a church. As I was clearing garbage from the sanctuary this evening, I found this. It was apparently an insert from this past Sunday’s bulletin. I kind of love it.


5 thoughts on “even if you think the earth is flat”

  1. That gave me tears. I know so many people who fit into those perameters and who don’t feel worthy of being welcome anywhere, let alone in a place where God is most surely present. Even more than that though, that “welcome” sounded like the voice of Jesus, standing below Zacchaeus or at the gates of heaven welcoming His children home. Powerful.

    sidenote: Everything has made me cry this week, I blame it on the fact that I have kid starting Kindergarten, the P&G Olympic commercials and the fact that I have female hormones.

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