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Fiesta! VBS

So I haven’t been online a lot lately and I haven’t blogged lately, I figured I’d tell/show you all why! I’ve been planning for a VBS program that our church runs every summer during the first week of July. One guy in our church, Brian Johnston, is an amazing artist and creates these wonderful “Bible Buddies” every year. They take him hours and hours and hours. These pictures do not do these things justice.
Ray the sun

Cody the coyote

Rosa the jack rabbit

Pablo the chili pepper

Spike the cactus

And for some non-VBS pics here you go! Especially requested by Teresa! Okay, never mind, they don’t fit on this blog so they will be on the next one, or the one above I guess. It’s Kaylie and her best friend Kessa at the lake. And one with my sister-in-law Laura-Mae as well. Have a good night all!

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  • Darin Gemmer Wednesday, July 19, 2006, 4:40 pm

    I came to your blog off of Teresa’s and I’ve got to say those Bible Buddies are AMAZING! We just wrapped up Fiesta at our church in Bellingham last week. We had a total blast, but I’ve got to say I’m relieved its over for the year. I love being the VBS director, but it is makes for a LONG week.

    We’re looking forward to AR for next year too. Some of my leaders are already brainstorming ideas!