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Dear Preston,

Today you turn five years old. I can’t believe that you, my son, are already five. My curly redhead. My boy. My baby.


You are an early riser. You’re not allowed out of your room before there’s a seven on your clock and you’re not allowed out of your bed until there’s a six on your clock, but that doesn’t stop you from coming into my room after there’s a six and before there’s a seven to tell me that there’s six and there’s almost a seven. You just can’t wait to get your day started. After there’s a six and before there’s a seven you love to read. Most of your books end up on your floor in that hour because you read through them all and then pile them up. In a heap.

I love your curly red hair. You side with me when your dad says anything about a haircut. You don’t want a haircut. I don’t want you to have a haircut. Two against one. You do get sick of people touching your hair, though. Especially if it’s complete strangers.

You love Harry Potter and Star Wars. You and me and your sisters watch the movies often and you’re a big fan, much to your father’s chagrin. You love playing with my Harry Potter Lego, saying that you won’t lose any pieces this time. You’ve done well lately, my little Weasley, so you can keep playing with it.

I call you my baby often and you say that it’s ok, because you know that you’re my baby, not that you’re a baby. You go by many names, Presto Puff, most of them given to you by your dad. He calls you everything from Grimace to Grandpa. You don’t seem to mind. But when he asks you what your name is, you always let him know that it is PRESTON.

You sure love your dad. You love to wrestle and watch wrestling with him. Though you’re kind of into punching lately. Just with your dad, though. When I finished brushing your teeth the other day, you told me that you want to be just like your dad. I do hope you grow up to be like him, because he’s pretty rad, isn’t he?

Your best friends are Emma, Kesler, Ronan, and Ethan. Your best school friend, besides Ronan, is Hunter. You’re all hugs when you see the two of them as you enter the classroom.

You love school. Some days you don’t want to go to school because you’d rather stay home and play video games. But you always are so happy when I pick you up when school is over. You tell me stories about what happened that day and you’ve made some good friends there. You love your teacher so much. You still give me a big hug when I drop you off, and I cherish every one. Keep hugging me at school drop-offs, ok?

Speaking of video games, you’d play them all day if I let you. Your favourites right now are Super Smash Bros and Plants vs Zombies. I have no idea how to play either of them. You switch from system to system, going through two or three in an afternoon. Not that I ever let you play for a whole afternoon, right Bud? You also love to play Bomberman with your dad, your siblings, and your Auntie Tali.

You’re a snuggler. Your favourite is snuggling between your dad and me in our bed. You give great big bear hugs and you snuggle with me on the couch. You say you don’t like being kissed on the cheek but you allow me to kiss you on your cheek anyway. You’re a mama’s boy and I love that about you. If you’re sitting with someone at the table, you love to sit right beside that person, with your chairs touching. Sometimes this drives your sisters nutty, but I love it.

You are a sensitive soul. When your sisters get in trouble, or if they are hurt, you start to cry. You don’t like seeing others in any sort of trouble/pain.

You are unbelievably kind. Even after your sisters have been picking on you. If Liliana has been unkind but is scared to go downstairs by herself, you offer to go with her. If she doesn’t want to clean her room, you offer to help her. If she wants to play with a toy of yours, you offer it to her willingly.

As I write this, you’re watching Avengers on Netflix and eating multi-coloured marshmallows for lunch. You had a double-chocolate donut and a hashbrown for breakfast. (Don’t tell your dad.) It’s your birthday, my dear, and you can have anything you want (within reason). I assume you’re having hot dogs, leftover from your birthday party last night, for dinner. We had a family party last night to celebrate you being in our lives for a whole five years so far. We’re all so thankful for you.

I love you to the moon and back, Presto.


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  • Elan Morgan Monday, April 11, 2016, 1:59 pm

    He is looking so grown up all of a sudden, and so much like Liliana, too. You guys make great kids :)

    Happy birthday, Preston!

    • Jen Wilson Monday, April 11, 2016, 6:28 pm

      Thank you!

  • Louise Monday, April 11, 2016, 6:35 pm

    Beautifully written blog about such a special little boy. Hope this has been a very good day to celebrate 5 years.

  • Tamara Lang Tuesday, April 12, 2016, 10:29 am

    This is making me misty eyed..it sounds so much like my baby when he was just a wee one. He’s 13 and taller than me now, but he still loves his mama and lets me hug and poke at him pretty much whenever. I hope Preston had a great birthday, and keep cherishing those moments mama.

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