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In all this travel craziness I haven’t yet mentioned a project that Schmutzie and I completed together: globetrottingmama.com.

Does it look amazing from the outside? That’s all Elan/Schmutzie. Does it look amazing from the inside, all the stuff you can’t see? That’s all me. Basically, Elan creates a beautiful painting, and I frame it. We make a great team, in my opinion. I quite enjoy working with her.

Also, something happened that doesn’t usually happen. I had sent the lovely Heather Greenwood Davis an email about somthingorother and she replied something like, “Will answer in a moment, just landed in Saskatoon.” I was all, uh, WHAT?! You are IN MY CITY?! It’s not often I actually get to meet my clients in person.

We had lunch and could have hung out for three more hours, our time was cut short by that pesky having-to-be-at-the-airport thing. Funny thing, too, Elan had also been planning to be in town that weekend which would have made the whole thing even more coincidental and even more awesome.

My point being: go and check out globetrottingmama.com. If you love it and also need your website re-designed, let us know! Elan does all the visual stuff, and then she hands it over to me to do all the coding, behind-the-scenes stuff. You’ll like working with us, I promise.

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  • Angella Tuesday, July 2, 2013, 12:09 pm

    Isn’t Heather delightful?

    The site looks great!