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God brought me groceries!!!

Yea, like the title says – God brought me groceries. A couple days ago (Tuesday maybe??) I was driving home thinking about how much money I don’t have and then when I got home, Rae-Anne opened the door for me and said, “God brought you groceries!” I went upstairs expecting to see a couple grocery bags on the kitchen table but there were bags covering the table and floor and filling the fridge and freezer. Somebody felt inspired to buy Kaylie and I at least $200 bucks worth of food!!! They even brought pull-ups for Kaylie that were the right size!!! Isn’t God awesome sometimes??? I wasn’t even trusting Him enough to provide money enough for us and then He went and blessed us immensely. I swear that I have to start completely trusting God for everything because He ALWAYS comes through – like he’s trying to say, “Hey, I AM here and I AM aware of your shortcomings!”

Yea, you could kinda say that that moment turned my week right around.

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