he got hair down to his knees

So, here’s the thing. With summer comes heat and with heat comes perspiration. Decreasing perspiration is the key to a happy summer. With that in mind, please don’t hate me for helping my son enjoy the summer a little more. His head has been so sweaty on the few warm days we’ve had so far, and Noah and I wanted to help him out a bit. So, we did this:

Before …


… and after.

(sorry it’s so blurry. he was itchy from the haircut.)

Do I miss the curls? Obviously. But I didn’t buzz his hair for me, I did it for him. He likes it. And maybe this way not so many strangers will want to touch his head in the grocery store.

title: come together by the beatles

15 thoughts on “he got hair down to his knees”

  1. With or without the curls your son is looking so “grown up”.
    I see petunias.
    Grandma Braam also has petunias at her doors. She just loves them and now a bird has built a nest in one of her flower baskets and she is watching the coming and going. There are four eggs.

    1. Yup, they will. We buzzed it at the exact same time last year, so this time next year his hair will be all long and curly again. :)

  2. Just adorable! That grin is huge. He looks pleased about his haircut. I cannot believe strangers try to touch his head, strangers are crazy.

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