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Grace in Small Things #90

It’s time for one of these. It’s been too long.


1. School started! I both dread and look forward to the first day of school. Buying school supplies and new clothes and all that is fun, but I really love the lack of driving I have to do in the summer. Preston and I spend at least two hours a day driving around, and this year all three kids are in three different schools. On opposite sides of the city. But I’ve got it. We can do it.


2. Road trips. The kids and I have spent many, many hours on the road this summer. The most enjoyable trip was the one all five of us went on together, because we haven’t done that in three years. The kids and I went to Red Deer this past weekend so Kaylie could go to a wedding, and the younger two and I filled the day with fun while their elder sister was weddinging.


3. Harvesting. My garden was a complete waste of time this year, but I did get some stuff out of it. The potatoes, onions, kale, kholrabi, most of the peas, most of the cucumbers, and most of the tomatoes did nothing. Half of the tomato plants died in the late frost this past spring, so I only had five of them. The three with the big tomatoes are doing ok, but the two with the cherry tomatoes are doing quite well. Compared to the rest of the garden that is. Also? I have a pumpkin! I didn’t know if I’d get any at all, but miraculously one of them is thriving. It’s tiny compared to last year and the year before, but it’s better than no pumpkin at all. There’s another smaller one as well, but I have high hopes for the big one.


4. This kid learned to ride a bike! If you know her at all, you’ll know that she has a lot of fears. But yesterday I challenged her to put the small pedal-less bike away (since she’s been balancing on it quite well), and take out her bike. It only took her a couple pushes. She has to work on steering, but this starting point is HUGE. And she’s so proud of herself. She’s almost there on starting pedalling herself, but I didn’t think she’d ever get to this point BUT SHE DID.


5. Fire. We’re not allowed to have a fire pit in our yard, so my friend Venessa loaned me a portable one. We used it in July, but not at all in August because of travelling and crappy weather. But yesterday Noah suggested we roast hot dogs for dinner and I was all in. I love fire-roasted food. Thankfully the SaskTel phonebook came right in time for fire-starting.

Noah said it's been a long time since we've taken a photo together. Achievement unlocked.

After everyone else went in to get ready for bed, I sat outside and waited for the fire to go out while I watched some X-Files contemplated life. The previous couple days sucked so much, but yesterday evening was so great. I love it when all five of us spend time outside together. I hope we have more nights like that before the s*** hits.

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things to wage a battle against embitterment.

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  • Jennifer Glen Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 6:13 pm

    I LOVE Kaylie’s hair!! She looks fabulous!

    • Jen Wilson Tuesday, September 8, 2015, 6:56 pm

      She LOVES it!

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