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Grace in Small Things #93


1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens tickets are now available. All three of my kids are Star Wars nuts, so all four of us are going. We’re quite excited. We go through cycles on our movie nights: Harry Potter to Star Wars to Harry Potter to Star Wars. Sometimes something random, probably Disney, thrown in there. (Noah couldn’t care less about Star Wars. Or Harry Potter. So he can just stay home by himself.)

2. The election is over. What a miserable time that was. And now we get to see our country run a ginormous deficit. I’m not saying I like any of the candidates there were, but the first few decisions Mr. Trudeau has made are … not what I would do. I’ll stop talking about it now because if I’m glad the whole stupid thing is over, I should probably stop talking about it, right?


3. I haven’t cried yet today. That I can remember. This fall has been rough depression-wise and I cry over losing a pencil and I am so not a crier because crying is stupid and weak and I am not weak but apparently I am because I can’t keep it together for a whole 24 hours.

4. Evenings. Noah and I have been having a Friends marathon the last couple weeks or so. We keep meaning to watch a movie on our list or start one of our fall shows, but PIVOT! Friends keeps trumping everything. Not that I’m complaining. Liliana asked me the other day what my favourite part of my day was and I teased her and said the evening because it’s quiet and she and her siblings are asleep. Ok, so my favourite part of any day is when all five of us are together, but I love evenings for their peacefulness. And for their fullness of laughter.

5. The sky. It’s getting colder, which I loathe. But there has been a lot of blue sky lately, which I love. I grew up in the mountains, and though I still love them, I think I love my sky more. It just feels so wide open and free, and the sunsets and sunrises cannot be seen like this where there is mountains blocking them.

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things to wage a battle against embitterment.

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