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Grace in Small Things #86


1. Christmas lights. I’m not huge on the whole Christmas thing, but I like the lights. They’re bright and cheerful.

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2. Snow and colder weather. I know. But I hate balancing between the above/below freezing range because it’s all slushy and gross. Give me snow and -10°C/14°F any day over 0°C/32°F and slush/ice. Obviously I like warmer weather, but not when there’s snow on the ground. Keep it snowy and cold enough for nothing to melt and therefore making ice when it freezes again.

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3. A quiet Monday morning. I know most people hate Mondays, but I love them. Weekends are filled with work, and I have Mondays off and treasure the quiet. Prestons’s home with me, but one kid is 300x quieter than three.


4. Preston calling stockings “socks”. I don’t think he can wrap his head around “stockings”.

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5. A partner in #dressember. I know I mention this a lot, but it’s important to me. Jess and I are halfway through our 31 days of dresses. I can’t say I hate it, but I’m not a huge fan of it. Sometimes it’s just fine, and other days I just want to quit because I’m so sick of it. Honestly, the hardest part for me has been taking and posting a photo of myself every day. I’m not a fan of selfies at all. (Selfies of me, that is. You go ahead and post yours.) But it’s nothing compared to the women we’re fundraising for, who are stuck in modern slavery and human trafficking, having their dignity stripped away. The Dressember Foundation uses fashion to advocate for women who’ve been exploited for their femininity. The heart of Dressember is freedom–that every woman has the right to live a vibrant and autonomous life. To do this, they partner with the International Justice Mission who rescues people after they have been abused, and whose ultimate goal is to prevent the violence from happening in the first place.

We’re 60% of the way to our fundraising goal! We’d love it if you’d donate and help us reach $1,000! Thank you SO MUCH to those who have donated already. We are so thankful!!

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things to wage a battle against embitterment.

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  • Jennifer Glen Monday, December 15, 2014, 3:00 pm

    Just a practical question. But for you two who don’t normally wear dresses, where did you get 31 dresses, or even 7 if you’re rewearing the same ones every week?

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