Grace in Small Things #78

1. That Saskatoon seems to have been saved from the insane flooding that has been going on in southern Saskatchewan. Flooding makes me feel completely helpless. Nothing can be done to stop it. I hope the rain stops and the water recedes soon.

Noah is so! excited! to see this movie!

2. Doing something outside the house that has nothing to do with work. It is a rare occasion.

Went to replace my cucumber plant that got eaten and came home with a tomatillo plant instead. Gotta get recipes from my Mexican friends!

3. Discovering new things to grow because of friends who come from different cultures.


4. Instilling in my kids a love of gardening and growing things. They want to help all! the! time! I’m trying to let go of my controlling OCD way of planting things by letting them help a bit.

prairie sunset from the Janzen estate

5. Prairie sunrises and sunsets. I grew up in the mountains, and as awesome and majestic as they are, I love Saskatchewan skies A lot.

Untitled Untitled
(first day of school and last day of school)

6. That school is out for the summer! I love that I do not have to drive every day. On a normal weekday I’m driving for a minimum of 2.5 hours. Having an almost-13-year-old means that she can take the younger one(s) to the park/spray park by herself. There are terrifying things about giving her more and more freedoms, but there are also awesome things about it.


7. The times when my kids get along and show love to each other. These are the times that bring me the most joy.

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things to wage a battle against bitterness.

5 thoughts on “Grace in Small Things #78”

  1. Letting go of trying to control everything is the hardest thing ever on earth for me to do. The moments when I do, though, feel so good. Maybe you and I need to take up bungee jumping or cliff diving or something.

    1. Sometimes I wish they didn’t have interest! But it’s cool that they do. And my parents brought those back from Mexico! One for each kid. They think they’re pretty rad. :)

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