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Grace in Small Things #79

I’ve been needing these GiST posts a lot lately, which is why they’ve been making up the bulk of my posts (aside from the Bachelorette ones). Life throws crap at you sometimes and it’s easy to be angry and bitter. But you can look for grace in the small things, and power through. You can.

1. A much-needed road trip with this weirdo.

road trip with this weirdo

2. Spending time with friends and family. It was short but sweet. We did the Color Me Rad run in Edmonton, and the next day my brother Brandon did the Spartan race because he’s hardcore. And much taller than I am.

My Megan came to see us! After!

3. Coming home to these two. They make me smile and laugh constantly.

I missed these goobers.

4. Having an older child who can care for her younger siblings. She babysits them, takes them to the park, and walks with them to 7Eleven to get slurpees (or, as Preston calls them, “swupees”). There are some REALLY HARD things about having an almost-13-year-old, but there are definitely perks as well.

Perks of having an older child: I can send these two to the splash park (and 7-Eleven) ALL BY THEMSELVES.

5. Preston’s latest obsession with his hat, glasses, and bat. Kids are so hilariously weird.

Untitled Untitled

6. J.K. Rowling’s update in the Daily Prophet on Pottermore about the adult members of Dumbledore’s Army. You have to have a Pottermore account to access it, but it’s as easy as pie to sign up. Go read it.

Schmutzie created Grace in Small Things to wage a battle against embitterment.

ps. FIFA World Cup today: Netherlands vs Argentina. Hup Holland!

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