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Here comes the bride, all fat and wide

So, two more sleeps and I’m off to Victoria to see my brother get married. Pretty freaky to think about him being married but hey, whatever works for him I guess.

Anyway, it should be super cool to see all the family and stuff like that. It’ll be super wierd going home because Kaylie is going back to Terrace so stay with Grannie and Papa for a month. Being here, without her . . . going to take some adjustment. It’ll be a nice break though, I guess. I took out a DL so I’ll have that to work no and hopefully finish by the time I come back after Christmas. I hope it’s not like the last one I did that I never even started – yea, waste of money to start those things and then let them collect dust on your “To Do maybe if I feel like it” pile.

Anyway, I’m off to Spirit Form – yay for only having two days of classes this week – it’s pretty cool. Oh yea, and yay for lots of laundry – I love laundy – almost as much as I like doing dishes – it’s a close second.

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