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here we go again on our own

flowers and sky

I’m an internet slacker. I guess that’s just what happens in the summer. It’s all go go go go gogogogoGOGOGOGO *CRASH*. That *CRASH* will happen on August 7th when we get home from Summerland and I swear we are never leaving the house ever again EVER. Until then, though, I am totally and completely enjoying the time we get to spend with people we don’t get to see very often. I’m behind on Twitter and Facebook, and I haven’t read a blog post in … at least a week. It’s okay if you ignore me because I’m ignoring you. It’s only fair.

off to the lake

I was planning to post today the photos and some words and stuff from this past week, but that’s not going to happen. This weekend flew by and it was SO GOOD and now the kids and I are off again, this time to Regina (well, just outside Regina) and I have to pack everything up and it’s already after midnight and I guess I need to find some sleep somewhere. I mean, I could have packed earlier this evening, but HELLO the Bachelorette finale was on and I HAD TO WATCH IT. (I will not say anything about it, just in case someone hasn’t seen it yet, except OH MY WORD IT WAS THE BEST FINALE EVER. And did you watch last week’s Men Tell All? AAAAAHHH! #pinkpants #shutupKalon) I guess parts of this season were kind of dull, but the Men Tell All and the finale and After the Final Rose were TO DIE FOR. (What?)

blowing out the candles

And I guess I had to hang out with that guy I live with a little bit, what with his being my husband and all.

Noah had his (29th) birthday on Saturday (HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MISTER), and last night we had his Birthday Dinner at his parents’ place and I really suck at birthdays. Or, rather, I suck at planning ahead. He apparently planned my birthday evening weeks in advance, but on the morning of his birthday, Sue messaged me and offered to watch the kids while we went out and I hadn’t even planned anything. Bad, I KNOW. But, who says “no” to a babysitting offer? Not these guys. So we went out and did some stuff and it was rad. And Noah forgave me for being a sucky wife and all is well in the world.


So, please forgive me for being a sucky internet friend last week and this coming week and the week after that and maybe the week after that. Unless you live between here and Summerland, in which case, I’ll see you soon. If anything, you can catch me (us) on Instagram (heymrswilson), as I’m always posting stuff there, like a stereotypical it’s-all-about-me GenY’er.

Now excuse me while I have a piece of Noah’s birthday cake before I let my head hit my pillow. (What? Sue makes good cake.)

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  • bethany actually Friday, July 27, 2012, 4:30 am

    Well, I’m averaging two blog posts a month these days, and I have one fewer children than you do, and I don’t work outside the home at all. So I think you’re still doing okay.

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