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home (or, the non-lake house)

Five days and 741 photos later, we’re home from Miss Lisa’s cabin. Our week was 95% awesome and 5% sickness. It rained nearly every day, but we barely noticed. We walked and boated and sat in the sun and played cards and cruised around in a golf cart and ate s’mores made in the oven and ate s’mores made on the fire and stayed up late every night. I fell in love with a tiny little town and a tiny little yellow house that is for sale and I’d like someone to buy the latter for me, please and thank you. It’s only $95,000. I accept PayPal.

Miss Lisa and us
photo by SuAnn

Pro tip: always check your camera settings before you hand your camera to someone. I’d set my 50mm lens’s aperture to 1.8 and forgot to change it back, making Lisa and Liliana blurry. And this is a re-take of the original photo because I’d left the ISO at 1600 the first time around. *sigh* Maybe I should just forget the whole thing and stick to sucky iPhone photos. (Not that all iPhone photos are sucky, but most of mine are.)

Anyway, we’re home now and we have a lot of milestones shoved into eight days. Eight years since Noah and I started dating, 7 years since he proposed, 29 years since he was born, 11 years since Kaylie was born, and 8 years since I started blogging. Obviously, that last milestone is the most important one.

Oh, and maybe it’s my sister Erica’s birthday, too.

Also, here’s my Canadian Family post from this week: Nursery Gear: An Alternative to Crib Bumper Pads

Now I have to go into my forest of a garden and see what’s going on in there. It’s incredible how fast everything has grown in just five days. And I have to unpack and do some laundry so that we can re-pack and take off again on Monday for Anna’s lake house. It’s a rough life, I tell you.

Happy Friday!

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